Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Sigh! (A whiny post!)

The stomach problem continues! 30 seconds after having the first zip of morning coffee, my stomach hurts like hell. Can it be the coffee? :( I always drink coffee in the morning to wake up, so why would this issue appear NOW, after all these years? I can eat anything, my stomach have never complained of anything before.
It feels like small cramps in different places, the whole time... weird sh*t.

Thank you google for translating "gastric ulcers"! xD Can it be this? Does'nt that hurt like.. alot!?
I wanna go see the doctor, but I already know the answer, "There's nothing wrong with you.".
As always, if they dont know what the problem is, there is no problem.
Or, if they think that there is no problem, they decide that - just like that.
Or (!), if you're not dying, you dont get an appointment quick enough.

*Whine, whine* :D

Or is this Karma? Payback from all the times I have been calling in (fake)sick over the years?
Wow, thank you, God, you could'nt have chosen a worse time -.-


Anyway, I'll be back later... as I always write but never do xD
I have promised myself to be a better blog-reader!

And yeah, a blog post with no pics is just boring, I know. Sorry :P


  1. Usch och fy, vet hur det känns att ha problem med magen :/ för 5 år sen fick jag grov magkatarr, jag kunde inte äta något utan att det kom tillbaka ut så jag gick ner 11 kg på en vecka men läkarna ville ändå att inte prata med mig. De hittar inga fel men min mage fortsätter att mongolisera så jag har egentligen alltid ont mer eller mindre bara :< jag får vara jätteförsiktig med vad jag äter annars får jag verkligen så ont så jag inte kan gå.

    Håller verkligen tummarna för att din mage ska bli bättre :D

    1. Oj :O Det låter ju helt sjukt, har du inte fått någon hjälp alls?
      Nu känns mitt magproblem inte allvarligt alls, om andra har det SÅHÄR dåligt, usch :/
      Då kan du inte äta starka kryddor, typ?

      Jag håller tummarna för både din och mig mage då! xD

    2. De har ju gjort undersökningar men de säger bara att det beror på stress :/ jag fick det när jag gick en teaterutbildning som var väldigt stressig och det blev ju bättre när utbildningen var klar och det blev lugnare, men problemen försvinner ju aldrig helt. :< Önskar mig att få byta mage med nån i julklapp xD

      Precis, inga starka kryddor, ingen lök, ingen laktos, inga ärtor , kebab går inte heller så bra till min stora sorg och så vidare.. Och ingen stress framförallt. Så fort jag är uppstressad bryter helvetet lös. Jag skulle egentligen behöva jobba 75% men det är ju ännu svårare att hitta ett sånt jobb än att hitta ett jobb överlag.

    3. Fan vad jobbigt :/
      Det bästa är väl att hitta ett ställe du gillar att jobba på och sen kanske deala med chefen om en 75% tjänst! Fast det tar ju tid att lära känna ett ställe och folk på det viset.
      Jag tänkte direkt på eget företag som du pratat om, men det ska tydligen inte va en dans på rosor, då får du lämna det stressiga arbetet till en kollega :D

  2. Ugh, yes, most doctors are like that, I am lucky I have a good one who actually diagnoses stuff properly. Only thing is it takes forever to get an appointment cause everyone wants to see her.

    Perhaps you have become caffeine sensitive? That can actually cause really bad stomach pains. I can't drink caffeine, it does not agree with me at all. Also you could just have a sensitive stomach. Try to avoid coffee, and start shopping around for a good doctor! If you are developing a mildly sensitive stomach or mild IBS it is not too bad, but you should know so you can modify your diet and avoid things that upset it! And if it is ulcers or something like that you need to see a doctor and have them taken care of. It is probably not that bad so don't freak out, that just makes it worse :P

    1. Lucky you :)
      If it gets any worse, I will strat looking for a good doctor.

      Ye, maybe it is the caffeine. I suggested this to mom but she did'nt really agree, so I drank some more coffee now during the day and my stomach has been really weird today. I hope it's not the coffee, this equals extreme headaches *sigh*

      I thought of IBS too, my sister has it and it's no fun. But I dont think she has the mild type!
      I dont run to the doctor the first thing I do, so I wont freak out :D I will probably get really, really sick before I go there... But lets hope it does'nt come to that!

  3. Well, it could be caffeine sensitivity, but caffeine can turn your stomach upside down even if you're healthy, so if you're ill, caffeine will multiply your stomach pain...try to avoid coffee for a couple of days and see how you'll feel then, but I'd recommend stalking your doctor for an appointment anyway! :)

    1. I think so too! So ye, I'll try to avoid coffee... well, I dont really have a choice if I wanna get to the bottom of the problem ^^ Lets wait another day for the doctor-stalking, I dont really like hospitals, haha

  4. I agree with Lenoire - the coffee could very well be the culprit. Try giving it a rest for a few days and see if it makes a difference. Switch to a nice green tea or I like fresh squeezed lemon with hot water and honey - they're both nice when you need a hot beverage. You should probably be prepared for a headache if your daily coffee consumption is anything like mine, though ... :o)

    1. Ugh, yes, migraine and headaches incoming! xD I'm not that into tea, but I'll try the hot water-lemon-honey thingy :D Thanks for the advice!