Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Night Creature

Another friend in the dark that I think I forgot to show you.
I'm surprised my camera managed to capture this beauty.

So fluffy! :)

I love moths, they're really beautiful!
I'm planning a future tattoo - a huge moth on my leg, above my knee. Weird position, but it's to cover up a current, not-so-pretty, tattoo.
Been thinking of it for years now, but it wont get done until I have a job.
I have plans for other parts of my body aswell - my whole right arm will be covered in Harry Potter, :) but that is also a plan for the future. Expensive plans... ^^

Been home all week because of headache and fever and will stay home tomorrow aswell. A mini-vaccation sort of, I'm getting some stuff done at home atleast. 


  1. Right, a Harry Potter sleeve would be one of the most amazing tattoo - things ever!! :D
    But yeah tattoos are just so expensive...I've been planning to get one for years too, but whenever I had enough money, I went for other things like a camera or a laptop...but one day, we'll both get there! :D

    The moth on your leg is a really good idea, it's not a bad place for a tattoo. :)

    1. Yep! :D
      Hehe, that's what happens, you rather buy something more necessary when you have money.
      I hope we do too, ;D because I have alot of plans in store!