Tuesday, January 29, 2013


...has struck me once again. xD

I was very tired last night so I decided not to set the time and just sleep. I woke up a bit too late and had to hurry a little bit in the shower, wich means I used normal shampoo and conditioner -.- It's the lazyness. But really, I did'nt wanna risk NOT getting that soap out of my hair and miss my bus.
Had some business in town and then went to the shop to get vanilla icecream and strawberry jam... making pancakes tonight! YAY! :D
Not very healthy, so we dont eat it very often... and that's why it's so good!

And because of this lazyness I did'nt make my bodyscrub either. I will do it tomorrow (yes, I will!) and also try out the ACV in my hair!
Do you think you can store the bodyscrub in the bathroom with a lid? Or does the sugar "melt" in the olive oil? I dont want to make a whole jar and then throw it away...
I'll have to ask my friend Google about that :)

I willl also continue on my project, it's been a pain (litteraly!), but it's soon done!

The unfinished project

Can you see what it is? :D 
More pics coming when it's done.


  1. Jag läste att skrubben kan sparas i en burk i nån vecka :D Jag har inte provat själv dock.

    En väskaaaa? Mysig färg!

    1. Ah ok! Tack :D så slapp jag leta själv! xD

      Indeed it is! Jag ska slita den med hälsan. Färgen är <3! :)