Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trouble washing the soap out!

It's a pain in the *** to rinse the soap out of my hair! First wash with soap - I thought that white and waxy stuff in the lengths of my hair was shampoo-residue etc. but it was soap!? :O
Today I washed it again with soap... a little more soap this time, AND, I drowned the lengths of my hair with soap, rubbing like a maniac! BE GONE OLD RESIDUE!
But no, it got worse and now I had that white waxy stuff all over my hands... and all over my hair! What the hell?

So before coming here screaming about it, I asked my dear friend Google what the problem could be. Soap can be difficult to rinse out from hair, especially with harder water. We have kind of medium water here.
So I will be getting apple cider vinegar as soon as possible! Of course I did'nt read about this before I went to the store *sigh*

Actually, I paniced a bit in the shower and drowned my hair in normal shampoo :( Shame on me. But only the lengths, so now I only have soap residue in my scalp - looking oily and unwashed xD
I didnt think it would stick to the hair like this.

A little info stolen from

Shampoo and body wash, like all synthetic detergents, work equally well in hard and soft water. The problem is that it’s expensive and rips the oils out of your hair. Hence the need for conditioner–to cover up the oil-stripping-damage done by the shampoo.
Soap is WAY better. The problem with soap is that it doesn’t work as well in hard water and is hard to rinse out of your hair. But, it’s not near as damaging.
So here’s your solution:

Put 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar in a quart of water and store it in a squeeze bottle. (Mine is an old mustard bottle.) It should last you at least a week.
Now here’s your new shower routine:
1. Wet a bar of real soap. ( I recommend Ivory if you don’t have homemade. )

2. Rub bar all over head until you work up a good lather, especially attending to your greasy spots. 
Rub, rub, rub.
3. Wash the rest of the bod with bar or handfuls of all that lather on your head.
4. Rinse hair until it squeaks. (read: can’t run fingers through it easily at all and you’re thinking HOLY CATS, what has Ivory done to me???)

5. Grab bottle of diluted cider vinegar and ‘draw’ all over your scalp with it.
(Yes, it’s smells strong, but trust me, it’s great stuff. Cures itchy scalp and all that. Smell dissipates quickly.)

6. Rub around and rinse hair again.
7 . Notice that you CAN now run your fingers through it.
Isn’t that amazing? No conditioner.
If you care to know, it’s two things:
1) AC vinegar breaks down any remaining soap residue.
2) AC vinegar is acidic and makes the hair scales lay back down.
Now, go shave your legs. You SO don’t want to do that before you rinse with the vinegar. Stingy-stingy!

Yay :D


  1. Åh vilka bra tips. :) En bekant till min son ville ha hemmagjord tvål av mig för sitt hår, han har dreads, jag har dock inte hört vad han tyckte om det. Sambon har en hårbotten som kliar galet mycket så vinäger får det bli för honom (och mig själv).

    1. Ah vad bra, naturliga produkter är det bästa för dreads, så det funkar säkert fint! :)
      Vinäger är tydligen bra till mycket det med :D
      Ska kila iväg och köpa vinäger idag, är lite skeptiskt mot stanken av det dock, hoppas det inte sätter sig för mycket i håret. De säger ju att håret inte luktar när det har torkat, så vi får väl se! :)

  2. My mother used to rinse my hair in vinegar when I was a child. I always thought it was disgusting, but I guess she knew more than I thought she did! I may have to try this again. And that's a great idea to put it in a squeeze bottle - much easier than having to wash your hair in the kitchen sink and pour the bowl of vinegar/water over your head afterwards (that's how she used to do it!) :D

    1. Aha! So you had shiny, nice hair and didnt know that it was your moms doing ;) hehe
      Indeed! I saved some bottles for home-made-mixes :D
      But yeah, the smell of vinegar is horrible!

  3. Tur att doften inte stannar kvar i håret sen när man sköljer med vinäger xD Jag trodde faktiskt att håret skulle lukta svinäckligt men jag har sköljt med det 2 ggr sen jag började med no poo och min karl säger att håret luktar bra så!

    Nice att det gick att lösa med det också så du kan fortsätta med såpa-metoden.

    1. Phew, då var den skräcken borta :D
      Hann inte med någon shopping av allt jag skulle idag, så i övermorgon får jag skölja skallen med rödvinsvinäger... hmm, update efter det xD
      Och ja! Det var skönt att jag fick fortsätta med min älskade såpa utan rester i håret! :D