Thursday, January 10, 2013

The new wallpaper & the cat

So, we did'nt have time yesterday to finish the room, but we will today. I took some pictures of it anyway :) And Felix the cat. He's everywhere ^^

Camilla's room is still not done as I wrote before, there's missing frames and the other walls are not yet painted. But she moved in and is happy anyway! :D

Camilla's way of keeping the dogs out of her bed xD 

 Borrowing my pots for her "baby"-flowers. I will keep those pots forever, they're so pretty! 

The not-painted wall :) Looks OK without the color tho!

Next bedroom! Almost 10 years ago we bought a wallpaper for an appartment we lived in back then, there was two whole rolls left, and now we decided to use them :D Only after 10 years! lol

This crappy, old wallpaper just fell off at some places.

Sis, a.k.a Camilla :D In her renovating-outfit!

The pretty brown color matches the white and the wood ceiling :) I'm a bit jealous!
Felix the cat looks like he's thinking: "WTH!?!"

It has tiny gold flakes/spots :)
My mom loves angel figurines and they will fit perfectly with the golden stains!

And then some more Felix! I call him Mr. Felix.

Oh yes!

I know I'm pretty.

More pics coming after moving in furniture and putting up curtains in the brown bedroom.


  1. Looking good :D Vad duktiga ni är på att tapetsera.

    Också lilla söta katten <3 älskar att tafsa på kattmagar! So fluffy!

    1. Very fluffy! :D Men det ska vara på kattens villkor ofc xD

      Tack! Det blev lite skavanker, amatörer som vi är, men det var en skitbra tapet där man kunde lappa och laga utan att det syntes :D

  2. It looks great, especially the black patterned wall and the maroon curtains! I like the brown flecked wall too!

    The cat is so gorgeous!

    1. Thanks ;P
      I really love those curtains too, the color is <3!

  3. Nice, that mush have been a hell of a job...! :D But you did great, fo course, both rooms look nice. I like colored walls, and patterned wallpapers as well, but for some reason, I rather stick to white, and natural, earth - colors in my home. ^^

    1. Thanks! And yes, most of the time it was a pain in the ***! xD Haha
      Natural colors are the best really, so that you can mix any color you want with it :)

  4. Cool Wallpaper I really like it... Nice Job and this cat is soooooo cute *---* Xoxo

  5. Both rooms look fantastic! I've always been scared to try and wallpaper myself, but that's because there's always been a lot of pattern involved that I was pretty sure I'd screw up when trying to match! Maybe I will give it a try one day ... ;o)

    1. Thank u!! :)
      Yeah, there are patterns in some wallpapers that needs to match, but it's easy to see and the only downside with patterns is that you get more leftovers. So try it :D

  6. Åh vad ni har gjort fint! Gillar verkligen kombon med de svarta tapeterna och mörklila textilier.
    Jag antar att ni kallar katten Mr för att han är självmedveten ;)
    Jag hade en katt som jag kallade Kung Sune med medaljen. Han var inte bara Sune han var kung i sitt rike och fick bara strykas tre gånger på ryggen sen högg han. Han var helt svart förutom en vit fläck på bröstet som jag kallade medaljen. Din katt ser betydligt keligare ut :D gossigt.

    1. Tackar! Ja, det var det man verkligen såg fram emot, att äntligen få sätta up de lila gardinerna mot den svarta väggen! :D
      Indeed, han vet precis hur snygg han är ;P
      Hahaha xD Det låter som en väldigt speciell Sune det där, med ett mycket tjusigt namn ;)