Friday, January 11, 2013

More practise work!

Was at the job center today and met my new mentor. She's really awesome. Very kind and understanding, but firm! She told that she had to be honest, but in a nice way, and said "If you cant handle this "practise work", you have to go!". Yep.
So I'm starting in a week or two with either working at a second hand store (YAY!) or with making dog and cat collars at a fabric. Either one is great really, but the fabric is further away, and if I know myself right - It will be harder for me to keep going there if the trip there is longer.
I'm a lazy s.o.b and "untrained", excuse the language, so starting with something closer to home is a better idea at the moment.
My mentor just need to check if there's a spot open at the store, if not, I'm gonna be making collars :)

I still dont want to go see a doctor for my tummy. So as my mentor said, I can try fix the issue myself by eating regularly and exercise *rolls eyes* WHAT ELSE!
I can try eating regularly, but the only exercise I'm getting will be longer walks with my dogs... or without them = faster walks! xD
Moa the Lab is a rocket and Smulan the Wiener Dog is a boat anchor. Not very effective walks, lol.

I was working a little at a Second Hand store when I was younger and it was really fun! All these great things you can buy for urself before someone else can have a look at them! :D
And the store I'm hopefully going to this time, has alot of old and beautiful furniture also :)

Off to forums about dreadlocks and No Poo stuffs! :D


  1. Det låter som jätteroliga praktikplatser båda två :D Hoppas du kommer trivas!

    Vad jobbigt att din mage fortfarande är knäpp! Har du provat att dricka proviva?

    1. Indeed! :D
      Har inte provat proviva, kanske får göra det när ekonomin är lite bättre. Den suger röv just nu, haha, så det är inte så konstigt att jag har problem just nu. Men det kommer och går som tur är, så det är inte 24/7 iallafall!
      Snabbmakaroner is the shit, inte xD

  2. Woohoo, jobs in second hand stores are just too much fun!! I hope they'll have a spot open for you there. ^^

    As fot your stomach you eat vegetables and fruits? Those might help too. I totally get it, I hate doctors, or not really the doctors, but to be examined,'ve been struggling with it for far too long already...:)

    1. They are! :D And I hope so too!
      When I think about it now, the big problem started when the economi "chrashed" = Not very healthy food! So the fruits and veggies are not in my diet atm :/ So yeah, it's probably the not so good food thats is making this... or atleast making it much worse.

  3. Åh hoppas att du får jobb på loppisen. he he det vore ett drömjobb för mig men risken vore stor att jag kom hem med alldeles för mycket grejer. Jag köper ju sånt som inte andra vill ha också o pillar isär o gör annat av. :-)

    1. Hoppas jag med! :D
      Haha, men det är ju så lätt att få idéer när man ser alla prylar ;P Speciellt när det är så billigt!