Monday, July 29, 2013

New shiny curtains!

Found these super cheap curtains at!
They were so cheap we bought 2 of each, so that we could mix them and match with pretty tie-backs in black. :)

Before you -"What the hell?"- anything, :P we are planning on making a new cover for the sofa, in a dark grey color. <3 So now, the only problem is that wall!(!!!) You cant match anything to it! Its' colors are... eew.
Our landlady does not want us to paint over it, so we just have to live with it. That's why nothing matches that wall - we're simply trying to ignore its' existence. ^^

On to the shiny curtains!

(Behold the terrible wallpaper!)

 (There you go mom, you're almost not in the pic.) :D

It will evetually match the sofa. :)

Going to change the curtain-rods too, but not right now... we just got 'em up and it looks so much better than before, so we're happy for now!

We got a new vacuum cleaner also. HURRAY! Haha. The old one sounded horrible and literally fell into 3 pieces. So it was time for a new Rolfy. And with 4 hairy companions lurking around... phew, you can just imagine.
(Rolfy is the name of a cute, limegreen, little vacuum cleaner we once had, so now every new one is called Rolfy too.) :D 
Welcome, Rolfy the third!

The weather is still extremly humid and SOOO warm! But it's getting cooler, slowly, day by day... GOD! Cant it just be autumn!? Yes. I'm a whiny b*tch. :D
We put the thermometer outside yesterday, at the porch with glass walls. It showed 44 C... and every single window out there was open! This kind of heat is not OK what so ever. :/


  1. Oh Lord, 44C. I'd die. Nice new curtains, though!

    1. Yeah, it sure felt like you died a little out there. xD
      Thank you! :)

  2. Snygga gardiner!
    Får stå och klappa på dom på fredag haha

    Åååh yesh 44 grader är som gjort att smälta bort.

    1. Haha, gör du så, då blir gardinerna glada! :P
      Yes, härligt va! Idag har det regnat som in i h*lvete, svalt och skönt nu! :)

  3. Va?? Inte här...extremt äckligt klibbigt och vrål äckligt varmt.

    1. Alltså, sekunden efter jag skrev det så kom solen och så blev det 30 grader igen, haha. Fan fick jag! Men det blåser iallafall! <3

  4. Vad fint det blev! Så lyxiga gardinerna ser ut :D Jotex har en hel del snyggt tycker jag.

    Och på tal om dammsugare så älskar jag vår dammsugare, haha. Det är den bästa jag nånsin haft. :D

    1. Indeed! Vi blev lagom chockade när vi packade upp dem, de kostade ju bara 39 kr per längd! :D Trodde dom skulle vara tunna och sladdriga. :P
      Haha, dammsugare är viktigt! xD