Monday, July 8, 2013

Plants, plants, plants... and more plants!

Nalle drove us to Gränsbygden today, so that we could buy doggie- and kittyfoodz. :) And human foods too. And icecream. <3 Very needed in this heat! 
But, it's good tho, cus I'm going to watch dad's dogs next week and be all by myself in his house. Nice weather means I can stay outside all day long, get tanned, drink bear, play with the dogs. :D
I would'nt say no to a cold bear right now...


At the store I found this pretty plant for almost no money at all. I had to save it from the store. The warm, extremly humid store. It's called Japanese Nest Fern. :) IT'S SO PRETTEH!

 The hanging one is also kind of new. I forgot to water him for a long time tho, so he barely survived. But he's alive now and that's what matters! :D
The Yukkapalm on the floor is named Krister. Also called Yukka. A bit more fitting maybe.

 The window. 
(With my beloved mosquito-net. It has saved me from many warm nights.)

 The coconut-tree! :) 
He's growing fast and is in dire need of a new flowerpot, poor thing.

 This must be the most boring picture ever. xD
Here's he hanging, all alone in this corner above the red chair. He lived by the window before, but didnt like the sun very much, so he changed color to a grey-ish light green. But he's fine now, in his corner, dark green again!

Then we have all the plants outside that we planted this early spring.
The tomatoes and paprikas are growing like crazy. 


 Dont know what these are called, but the one in the middle is HUGE for beeing a "what-ever-its-called". :D
The 2 plants to the right are the appletrees! I planted 5 seeds from my apple I was chewing on and voilá! They're not growing the same speed tho...

 Flowers & paprikas!

 I like this flowerpot alot. And the pretty flowers are matching it. ^^

 The sunset today was awesome, you could stare at the sun without going temporarily blind. :)


  1. 8e bilden uppifrån, den där stora rosa blomman!
    Ta bort den!!!!!!! Blomman då alltså och inte bilden.
    Mycket giftig för katter. Dödlig med andra ord.
    Resten ok!
    Nice pics by the way <3

    1. Ops :o men Mr Felix har aldrig varit intresserad av blommor och växter, förutom en speciell, ogiftig blomma i köket när han var yngre! :)
      Kastar ut den med en gång om jag ser att han närmar sig den.
      Alltd någon där ute i uterummet, so nå wörries!

      Tack tack :P

  2. Jag har aldrig sett en katt vara intresserad av att käka pelargoner, så det kanske är lugnt. ;)
    Vad mycket fina växter. Jag har också pyttetomater som jag väntar på att få käka upp :)

    1. Finns säkert de som käkar pelargoner också, :D annars är det nog mest blommor med långa utstickande blad som är godast att tugga på tror jag.
      Tackar! :) Oh ja, de får gärna bli röda snart, egen-odlade tomater är godast!

  3. Wow, that's a beautiful sunset! O.O
    I know almost nothing about plants, moreover, I'm terrible with them, but I do love having them around; Our balcony is still full of the crap of the owners - the landlasy promised to clean it up, still waiting... -, but I'd love to have some plants there; you know, hanging strawberries and kiwis...:D No, seriously, our apartment needs some green!

    Have fun with the dogs and...damn', you made me want ice cream...:D

    1. Ye, it was! I threw myself over the camera & hanged out my window to get a nice picture. It changes so fast, you have to be quick! :D
      Aw, get som easy plants to start with. They just need some light and water. ;) That sucks about your balcony! Call and bitch about it atleast once a week and you will see they'll do something about it! :D

  4. You have a green thumb. So does my husband, luckily for me, because I sure don't!

    We just bought ice cream today, too. A person has to take advantage of the short summers to eat as much of it as possible before it gets cold again!