Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Kära Norrland

North of Sweden, soon I'm there. Or in the near future atleast!
Had a talk with dad who had the same exact thoughts as me. - You can't stay at a place because of other people (depends on the situation ofcourse). If you want to move 1000 km from here, do it. -
My plans are to get a driver license and a car, so I can come down to Skåne and visit all my relatives and friends. Exactly, dad says. :)
Feels so nice to have someone that understands how I think. Mom and sis understand me too, but they are a little like the rest of the people I know. They really hang on to the distance, the 1000 km (or even more). But it's just distance. Just some miles. There are cars, trains, buses and planes - problem solved.
As it is today we only meet with our closest family, aunts & cousins etc, once or twice a year... and they only live 120 km away today.
So there will be no difference in how often we see them. At all.
We see dad much more often than that, but hey, there's Facebook, mail and phones! Even if it's in the woods! :D And again, one of the musts in this is a driver license.

There's a town up in the north that has a good university, I know they have some educations that I'm interested in. And there are many other cons that I can't be arsed to write down at the moment, haha.

Oh and yes, I will take my family along with me. Mom, sis and all the pets. They have no choice. <3
It will be a great change for all of us. I dont want to live alone and I sure dont want any relationship... for now. And I don't want to leave my pets (my furballs, my kids, my cuddlers)!
I know sis will want to move out at some point, but she dont want to move very far away from mom, ofc ^^, so it's best for her to tag along anyway. And if mom and I get really sick of each other, we will fix that with an extra house on the same farm. Cause in the future, when I'm done with my education and stuff, I will be getting a great farm - with lots of animals and land. Well, it doesnt have to be huge, just enough space for us and maybe a goat, chickens and some sheep.
It has to be close to a lake tho! Aah, nothing beats swimming in a lake a warm summer evening... in the sunset.

I found a great photographer that loves Norrland. I borrowed some pictures. :) He takes amazing photographs! - Source - 

Borrowed photos by Stig Helgesen


  1. My boyfriend says, he wants to live in New York. I want to live in New York. But the distance between NY and Hungary is uncomprehending and...you know, what is something happens and I can't get home?
    But a couple of thousand kilometers is alright, if you're staying within the same continent...:D

    1. Awesome! But ye, that is a bit far. ^^ But if you dont mind taking a plane to go see your family back in Hungary, go for it. :P
      Haha, agreed!

    2. It's about a 2 - 3 days trip and costs a fortune even if you book your ticket months ahead...:)

  2. Det låter ju jättebra :D Norrland är såå fint!