Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Books, plants, baking & other stuff!

Catta, my beloved wife, was here this weekend and we did some baking... a lot of baking.
I woke up sick friday morning, but I didnt tell Catta or she might not have come visit. xD
(Sorry, babe! :D I hope you stay well.)
Anyway, we had major baking-plans and went to the store to get all stuff necessary.
We started...
Vamilla buns.
Broccoli & ham pies.
Pizza buns.
Some sort of cake that did not turn out that great... at all. *trash can*
Piraguas. (Really? Google told me it was named this!)
Catta brought some home with her and the fridge is still full. :) And just because you have it... You dont crave it. Sigh. But it was yummy the first 2 days atleast!

I got my book that friday btw, yay! But since Catta was here I didnt read much. I did some reading before bedtime, but beeing sick = tired. Yesterday and today I have had plenty of time for my precious book, :) so I'm soon done with the first one. I fear for when I'm done with the second book... I hope I can keep it together until I can order a third (and fourth!) book. :D

The holy books.
I will get them all eventually, and they will have a special place, an alter, in my bedroom.
I feel a little insane as I write this. xD
Anywho! I will try to find a little shelf at the second hand store, to remodel and paint black. And I will have to find some nice book ends also.... Gargoyles or dragons! 

Mom bought me a pretty plant last week, just because it had leaves in the shape of dragonheads! 
So of course I named "him" The Dragon.

And then I found some pretty things at the second hand store, of course, where else?
A purple glass bowl, 
A perfect, low flower pot for a future project,
And a new, nice coffee mug! I like mugs. :)


  1. Bakdagar är roliga :D men jag brukar nog vara ganska duktig på att äta upp det sen också, haha!

    Vilken udda växt! Bladen är verkligen fina.

    1. Haha, det är ju meningen det ska ätas, så det gör du rätt i. ;P