Thursday, October 3, 2013

Jonna's Northern Lights

She did it again. The Northern Lights started dancing the nightskies already and it's not even winter.
When I live up there, in the north, I wont get much sleep at nights during the cold part of the year. I will sit there in the window, just waiting for the next dancing light. :) Hopefully I will have a decent camera by then too. :D

Pretties --->

Just above the black treetops there is always a beautiful geenish light. It's freaking awesome! If I knew how to faint I would, lol.


  1. My husband was born in Labrador and always tells me stories about how beautiful they are. I really, really hope that we'll be able to see them out in the Spooky Forest. I've never seen them before except on TV and the internet!

    If you breathe in and out very rapidly and then have someone hold you around the stomach while you hold your breath you can make yourself faint. We used to do that for kicks when we were kids. You'd have the strangest "dreams" while you were out cold. I suppose it's better than drugs, but seriously - how bored were we? LOL

    1. Ah, that's nice, I hope you will see them out there where no citylights are ruining it. :) I've only seen it on TV and internet too.

      Haha, I've seen that on the internetz. Looks ...not healthy? xD But yeah, that is probably better than drugs. :P

  2. Mm jag följer också hennes blogg. Hon tar så fantastiska foton. Men en kompis till mig som bor i sörmland hon såg norrsken i mitten av september. Så det är nog inte omöjligt att få se det söderut med.
    Jag bor på ett rätt så låglänt ställe så det är ganska ofta vi missar det.

    1. Verkligen! :)
      Jag fick för mig att det bara var under de kallare månaderna man såg norrsken, men det är nog hela året runt, fast oftast under vintern då. ^^
      Ah, det är ju ändå ca 50 mil härifrån... det känns som om Skåne är norrskens-löst. :(