Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Lush Caca Brun - Before & After

So, :) I didnt like my red (orange) hair and was longing for black, raven black hair... once again.
Been thinking of it for a few months... and then I decided when I saw Lesthi's hair. <3
My growth looked like ****. It was not even red. So I guess henna doesnt stick that well to my hair.
I had a Mama Caca Brun from Lush laying around. (A mix of henna, indigo, various stuffz & oils to make a brown color). My hair needed it and I couldnt stand my "too light"-hair any longer, so my sister and I threw it in! 
With herbs you can color your hair as often as you like, so I thought I rather have brown hair than orange, until I can get the black color that I really want.

I had a teaspoon, or two, of salt in my mix, because that helps the indigo stick to the hair. Other than that I went after Lush's recipe - Just mix the caca with boiling water and apply right after. I used the whole caca - 6 squares, and I only had about 100 ml of henna left afterwards. I have alot of hair! I let it sit for 4-5 hours without any cover. (If you cover your hair it gets warm, wich means a warmer, more red-ish color). I washed it out with only water, no schampoo or conditioner. It was a pain, but that is to let the indigo get a hold of the hair. After, at first sight is was almost black - a pretty, dark brown. :) Then after the first wash it went a bit lighter, but not much. Washed my hair a second time and no color shed. Yay!
I'm happy with it. :)

Before & After

The caca was about a year old, so it looks a bit dry, but it worked fine.

 Newspaper is no fun. I rather do some extra laundry. ^^
Oh and this stuff does not stain as pure henna does. Not on the skin, not on the floor.

Right after, no schampoo etc.

And then after a wash or two, in different lights.

 Feeling pretty... right xD

It didnt stick THAT well to my hair, atleast not to the hair that was a little dry or in bad condition. So my roots are a bit darker, but not as much as before, and most of the lenghts are a bit lighter. Mostly at the back. 

I keep using coconut oil in my hair but it's still dry as a desert. I use "Faith In Nature" schampoo & conditioner. Any tips? :) No chemicals though. 
I'm going to buy some stuff this month, switch to natural products only. One of the things is Aleppo soap - I hope it will work well with both my skin and hair, that would be awesome.


  1. Omgfg det ser ju helt naturligt ut.
    Jävligt nice :)
    Fast kag föredrar svart som natten.
    Är du nöjd?

    1. Haha, ja faktiskt. Det är nog meningen jag ska vara mörkhårig. ^^
      Fast ja, svart ska det ju bli sen. Än så länge är jag nöjd.
      Detta var ju "caca brun", så "caca noir" blir nog svart nog tror jag! :)

  2. I use organizx Moroccan agran oil shampoo and conditioner. You leave the conditioner in fora about 5 min and if you have the right hair type, it can do wonders! I think any Moroccan Agran oil brand would probably have similar effects.

    I keep wanting to become a readhead, but I don't want to use a lot of dye, and I am not sure that darker hair doesn't suit me better anyhow!

    1. Ah ye, I've heard about argan oil. The store I'm going to buy some stuff from has it, so I think I will try it, thanks for the tip. :)

      Seem to need a lot of henna to get a proper red haircolor, so if you feel like you're up for it, then go for it. But yes, that would be a lot of dye'ing.
      It's hard to know for sure, best thing is to try a color out, but then you're kind of stuck with it afterwards. :D

  3. Very pretty colour! I use Moroccan oil shampoo, too. It's expensive but my hair feels healthier when I use it, especially in the winter. Will you keep it this way now or are you still craving black? ;)

    1. Thanks. I like it, but I still want black. :D
      Oh, you too, ^^ that must be worth trying then... after I tried some other stuff. Yeah, the price on these natural products are a big downside, but it's worth it. :)

  4. Åh älskar Lush, har faktiskt beställt därifrån nyligen, en hårinpackning, ansiktsmask och schampoo :D kanske skriver om de på bloggen sen!

    Vad coolt att håret blev så mycket mörkare av "kakan", men synd att det inte höll i sig. Mitt hår är på väg mot brunt också igen tyvärr efter några tvättar nu.

    1. Oh, trevligt, det får gärna skriva om - recensioner är alltid kul! ;)
      Ja det var lite synd, men å andra sidan så kan jag ju lista ut nu att "caca noir" blir mörk nog... förhoppningsvis helt svart! Vill du fortsätta köra på svart så prova "caca noir", det tvättas ju inte alls ur som kemisk färg gör. :)