Monday, May 12, 2014

I fried my hair... yay!

Lily Slim is a weight loss tracker - It's cute and helpful, ;) I had to add it here. ^^ Maybe that way I will see it more often and ...yeah.

Catta was here this weekend and we ate alot of candy... and cookies. Soda. Pizza.
Why? We have no idea. It's like every time she visits - we all decide to bathe in sugar!
We talked about it yesterday and the end of those days have come. No more shoving-your-face-full-of-crap.

I'm reading alot about lchf, it's very interesting. I'm not on any diet right now, no, but I have a feeling I will probably end up with lchf agian. It just makes so much sence.
But I have to be sure that I wont quit again - or cheat for that matter - that way I will only gain weight.

This weekend we also bleached and dyed hairs! :D
- Catta is now blonde as she should be, she just needs a little silver shampoo. 
- Camilla is now blonde, but still with a little orange. We'll see how silver shampoo and conditioner will help with that. We have to wait a few weeks now before bleaching again anyway.
- Sandra FRIED her hair! (And some parts melted!) Hurray for me! Asshole-Depend-crap-bleach. 
(( It is strong, yes, but there is something very wrong with it. My hair can take any crap - always could! But not Depends Bleach. Beware. If you compare Mood and Depend, they have almost exactly the same strenght to them. ))
It also made parts of my hair blue/grey. 
So to fellow bleachers out there - stick to Mood! 

I had to cut off 10 cm. I'll live. Really.
But it bugs me because I was saving it for dreads.
My hair looks 100 times worse in real life and I have to cut off atleast 5 more cm. 
I now have light brown hair, because I had to get rid of the blue-ish tint. Hopefully it will bleach itself in the sun this summer.

More pics coming when I continue the abuse of my hair!


  1. Yeah, no more sugarstuff in our faces...just a little soda and good food.
    Jag kör fitness nu...i have legs and stomske looks like holy crap on s stick!!
    Hoppas ditt hår funkar...mitt ska bada varannan dag i silvershampoo

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha, stomske!!! :P
      Det sjuka är att jag läste det rätt utan att reagera på din mongo-stavning! xD
      "Crap on a stick". Det är så det känns här med!
      Nope, slut på allt jävla socker, fyfan, jag spyr. Bara att stoppa undan skiten som är kvar. Kakan åkte i soporna.

      Duschade nu ikväll och jag fick blåa hårtussar i händerna, haha. Oh well, bara att klippa av ännu mer... tur att det inte åkte av ännu uppifrån!

  3. Gjorde precis mitt första gympass.
    Svettigt värre.
    I have to do it!
    Nu ska jag stretcha lite, duscha och i väg till skolan.
    Äta nyttigt, träna hårt , och få tillbaka min kropp.
    No more sugar!

    1. Yay! YOU GO GIRL!
      Haha, worst line ever xD

  4. Oh my, läskigt :O hoppas ditt hår börjar må bättre!

    1. Ja, det håret jag inte klippt av mår mycket bättre. xD
      Efter 1 toning och 2 färgningar var det nästan helt bra, men det blå-gröna är svårt att bli av med, haha.