Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Off to get x-rayd. X-raied? Exray?

What ever. As said before, english do not always agree with me.

Today I'm heading to the hospital to get an x-ray done for my poor shoulder - wich have been feeling fine, mostly, this last week.
But it comes and goes as it pleases.
I hope they find the cause. But I would not be surprised if they didn't find anything at all.

The alarm rang 4.20... god, that is way too early! I hope I make it trough the day...

One of my brave attempts(!) to photograph the moon... And that planet next to it! ;D

And now the summer is here - for real this time - so the nights are not dark anymore. It was a bit annoying last night. 1 hour before 12 it looked like the sun had just went down, everything was light blue... and the birds were singing! 


  1. svar: supergott! idag hade jag i lite kanel istället. vet inte vilket jag gilla bäst :O Jamen eller hur? den har en grym känsla och ton som genomsyrar alla bilder och det är helheten, att se bilderna tillsammans sådär som gör det så satans bra och inspirerande - usch! finns en del naturbilder där ;)

    taaaaack!! haha ja de gör nog alltid det ja :D

  2. Nice photo! ^^

    What's up with your shoulder? I hope you're feeling a bit better by now. :)

    1. Isn't annoying when you miss messages? :P

      Thank you, very blurry, but atleast I tried, haha xD
      I have no idea what's wrong with my shoulder, it just hurt like crazy from time to time and I cant do my job properly. I'll probably get that call soon, so that they can tell me if what's wrong.