Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pigtails for the dogs!

There is a store not far from here, selling meat and dairy products from nearby farms. Awesome stuff!
Last time we were there we bought pigtails for our furry babies. :) 
The label said: "Pigtals - from happy pigs!"
That made me happy. :)

To get a pic at Bella, we had to held her still or she would take the tail and run off. 
No, our dogs are not very good models... but they sure are cute. ;D

If you get too close to Smulan, she looks like she's going to attack, but she doesnt, she just holds it with a very, very firm bite/grip! :P

Om nom nom


  1. Pigtails - For Happy Dogs; they're beautiful! Your dogs, I mean...:P