Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Weight loss on TV - It's all about money?

Have you ever seen "Biggest loser" on TV? It's mostly lies.
Yes, they work out a lot - but only for 2,5 hours per day.
In four months they got to talk to their families 3 times. How nice of them!
Lost 9 kilos in a week? Nope, more like in 2-4 weeks.
And best of all - at the premiere of the show, they GAFFER-TAPE the contestants' loose skin to their bodies! What the F?

This is in Swedish, but there's a link that leads to the interview itself, on English. :)

There's also alot about The Weight Watchers. And diet-powders, diet chocolate bars and so on and on... it's all just sugar, like candy.
Way to go.

I continue to read, read and read about LCHF. This is so interesting! :D
And I have time for it. I'm home sick this week because of my shoulder, it hurts like hell and the doctors dont know why. Going to x-ray and stuff.
It's nice with a little time off. Not so nice with hurting bodyparts tho.


  1. Yeah, I love it when people say that sickleave is fun because you get to stay at home...it's called SICKleave for a reason, people...:/ Anyway, I hope you get better soon! ^^

    Weight - loss shows and before - after finess videos are mostly lies, unfortunately...diet - powders and diet choco...I know it is a really stupid question, but do you mean the stuff for diabetics or are these for diets? o.O

    1. Thanks, I hope so too! Brushing teeth with my lefty isn't all that easy, lol.
      I can understand that it's nice to have some time off from work, but it's not a vaccation. I hate beeing sick.

      I mean the diet-stuff!
      The chocolate and cookies for diabetics are not sugar, but sweeteners. Those are not good eaither tho, since it's not "natural". Not much food is natural these days... But that's a whole other thing! :D

    2. I've never seen actual diet - stuff here, in Hungary, only those diabetic things, but I googled it...:D

      Starving yourself is even worse, than eating synthetic stuff, but yeah, some people's definition of natural and bio is so screwed...:/