Saturday, May 24, 2014

New blog...

..with a new name.
It was time for a change again. Lately I have been writing a lot about food, diets, weight loss etc and so on and on! I needed a new place to mumble on about all of that. ^^
I will use my new place for all other stuff also, so it will be quiet here. Not that I blog super often, anyway, but I'll try to change that. ;D

Sometimes when I start a new project, it doesnt go as I planned, or feel... so I dont know if I will be using this place later again or not. We'll see.


New blog:

Oh and it's on swedish from now on. It feels more natural as you can understand. ;)
I've added an translate-gadget of course! I totally understand if you dont want to use it... even my english is better than that thing... But I hope you will anyway!
The blog is on the same Blogger account, so I still have you guys on my reading-list.

See you! :)


  1. Ja ibland känner jag mig så begränsad i engelskan. det är svårt med metaforer och så....
    Hoppas att lchf kommer att hjälpa dig. Jag ska prova 5:2 nu ett tag + mer motion. En jobbarkompis kom tillbaka från föräldrarledigheten som smalis efter 5:2.

    1. Precis!
      Oj, jäklar, ja det verkar hjälpa många med vikten - och hälsan! Hoppas det funkar för dig. Vi håller tummarna för varandra. ;D