Saturday, June 28, 2014

I made my own müsli :)

So I tried to make my own müsli and it went really, really well.
It was very tasty and sis took the last of if. Damn her!
I normally dont like nuts, but this... This is awesome stuff!

Very paleo, very tasty ;)
Mandlar (Almonds)
Hasselnötter (Hazelnuts)
Solrosfrön (Sunflower seeds)
Pumpafrön (Pumpkin seeds)
Kokosflingor (Coconut flakes)
Krossade linfrön (Crushed linseeds)
Sesamfrön (Sesame seeds)
Vaniljpulver (Vanilla powder)
Kokosolja (Coconutoil)

Chop almonds and hazelnuts.
Mix (squeeze) everything together with your hand, to get the oil into everything.
It's not as messy as it sounds. ^^ Put on a plate in the oven for 15-20 minutes, 175 c.
After half the time has passed - mix it again, on the plate - put it in again.
Let cool and eat.

I eat mine with natural yogurt. Sometimes with a sliced banana.

Bought a pretty jar for this purpose! :)


  1. Nice, it looks pretty tasty! I've just got a bunch of seeds and nuts and I had absolutely no idea what to do with them, but I'm definitely going to try this. :)

    1. Do it. ;) You can throw in any nuts and seeds, and dried fruits -after the heating!