Friday, June 13, 2014

Insane thunderstorms!

This weather is extreme! I've never experienced anything like it. But I'll live, I love thunder! :D

Ops, when I sit here listening... I might have to unplug the computer again, another thunder storm is moving in... Update: Ok, so I turned off the computer and now on again, lol, I hope it's over now because the dogs are scared, specially little Smulan. :(

Felix couldn't care less. He just came to join the "cuddle-party" in the bed. For poor Smulan this worked as a safety-bunker!
It became too crowded for Bella, so she left. xD

It's coming this way. 
It doesn't look that bad, but it sure was...

The result of the first hail. Normal sized hails.
The second hail-storm-balls was probably 1-2 cm in diameter!!! 
I thought the windows would break.

Now, finally, it looks like it's over... Eh, no, stratch that. The insane rain started again...

Oh, and I found this website that shows weather warning.
We live at the black spot that I painted in paint. :P

 We lost the power several times too, but it came back quickly again.

Camilla and mom are stuck in traffic. In the buss. The trains are not running, so yeah. They are calling a friend right now to see if she can help pick them up.
It sucks big time to not have a car!


  1. What the hell..?! That's crazy...o.O

    1. Indeed! It's probably because the weather is changing back and forth with heat and cold, it's a bit weird. I think I've had enough thunder for a while now. :D

  2. Wow, sounds like a crazy storm! I am so lucky that I have always been at home when we have had hail storms, imagine being caught in one!

    1. Yeah, same here! Sis cant say the same, she said it was pretty painfull when they hit her head. :P

  3. Fy fan. Här öste det ner i omgångar men inget hagel

    1. Ja, det var hemskt oväder i nästan hela Skåne, men värst här och i K-stad.
      Idag skiner solen, men det är lite kyligt och blåsigt - bättre än storm iallafall!