Thursday, June 12, 2014

Series: The Dead Files

I found this paranormal series about 1-2 weeks ago and I'm stuck. Even mom likes it.
It's a (former) detective and a medium, that investigates peoples' houses/buildings.
The medium Amy, is the master of weird faces, but you'll get use to it. ;D
She's awesome. I really like her.

It's a scary series. There's so much more than just "ghosts" out there...

Catta and I were watching this last weekend. Along came an episode involving dolls. DOLLS of all evul things! We immediately picked another episode to watch that night... We were alone in a big house.
Did you know that dolls were originally made for souls of the dead? Because they're empty inside. So, often dolls attract entities, not from this world. 

I knew it! I knew that there was a reason dolls always scared me!

If you like the paranormal - watch it. There are 3 whole seasons to watch and a 4th is running atm. ;)


  1. I love the theory about dolls being the vessels of dead souls, it makes perfect sense! :D
    I'm downloading the first 5 epidoses already...:)

  2. Hmm undrar om jag skulle våga titta, så lockande D:

    1. Jaa! Man vågar, men man vill inte vara den som lägger sig sist och måste gå och släcka i huset. Haha :P