Sunday, June 22, 2014

Natural deodorant

I think it has been over 3 weeks now since I last used a "normal" deodorant.
I've been using Urtekram's Nordic Birch deodorant and in the beginning it did not work on me at all.
I've been smelling pretty damn bad from time to time, lol.
But now it's over. :) Some days I only use coconut oil & lemon juice, a mix I made.
At the end of the day, (just doing nothing), I dont smell bad at all. But not super-nice either - if I smell my armpit directly. xD
It is something that will get way better when I start eating right.
( I'm in a period where life sucks and when I feel bad - I eat everything I can get my hands on.
Awesome, I know. )

My friends :)

This one is a "crystal" deo, made from 100% mineral salts.
All natural and is said to work wonder.

The SUPER annoying thoughts and dreams of my freaking hair continues. Today, when I had just woke up, I was sure I did not want black hair again, but my true natural color. 
(I think I even dreamed about my hair... Sigh.)
Then it did not take long until I craved for long, black hair again! Or dark, dark red!
And now, a few hours later, I'm positive I DO want my dark blond hair. And to just stop colouring it.
I even thought about henna'ing it to a lighter brownish colour, so that it gains strenght again and so that I get an even color. 


And of course, I want it done right now!

Well, off to TV and "The Dead Files", season 5 already! :D
Boo, I'm soon out of episodes!


  1. It is very frustrating always wanting different hair colours or lengths! I know I wish I could change my hair at will like Tonks in Harry Potter! Long and blonde one day, short the next!

    1. That would be very cool :D - I would probably have 10 different hairstyles per day! Maybe that way your could decide for something to stick with.
      I think I might have to find a webpage for hairstyles now... one that you can put your own photo in. Yep. Mission of the day!

  2. Jag har börjat använda den här som deo funkar riktigt bra :D