Saturday, July 19, 2014

A beautiful night view ...& sucky bra-sizes!

Aah, I managed to place my bed so that at night - the moon shines directly on me. <3 I'm so happy in this house, in this bedroom. Of course my camera refuses to take a shot of it, so here's a cozy pic from tumblr. ;)

The only bad thing here is the heat. God. It is as if the roof sucks up the sunbeams and slams them down your face, and then it stays indoors.
I tried to play WoW before, but my poor computer freaking melts! I opened it up and put a fan next to it... Im sitting in my bra and panties. Oh yes. If I move, I'll start to sweat.
I'd guess it's about 35-40 c in here. 30 outside.
Next week: 30 c (...wich really means atleast 35 c!)

I was clearly not born to live down here in the south! And this is not even a warm country. D:

I got pissed earlier today. I ordered some clothes from H&M and some bras. H&M's bra-sizes sucks ass! They're fucking tiny and the desctription of the products is totally inaccurate.
The pretty apricot one, with black details, the one I liked the most - should actually be called "push-down", not push-up. Screw them and their stupid auto-answer when you e-mail them about shit!
I'll give them one more chance when the autumn catalogue arrives. If they are as fucked up as these last ones - I give up. I'll have to find another store.
I just had to get that crap off my chest. Sorry.

Oh, wait... was that a breeze from the window? OH MY! HOUSTON, WE GOT AIR!


  1. Haha jag har precis som du jätte feta problem med bh-storlekar och passformer. It sucks donkeyass!!!
    Köper inte från HM mer. Bara liiiiite kläder annars tycker jag de suger lika mycket på kvaliten.

    Usch ja...inomhus ich vörme här hemma är helg olidligt med.
    Vaknar varje morgon att det är sååååå varmt i sovrummet att det är svårt att andas. Äckligt men jag gillar värme :) på stranden

    1. Jo tack! Jag sökte på google - fick upp en jävla massa klagomål på just deras dåliga kvalité och sämsta BH-storlekar! Så det är inte bara vi som är gnälliga. ;D
      Deras kvalité har blivit sämre, innan kunde jag köpa linnen där och ha dem i flera år, idag går de sönder efter 1 eller 2 tvättar. Awesome shit!

      Fyfan, det gjorde jag idag med, och så lite stopp i näsan på det.
      Ja, på stranden, för där har man ett hav att kasta sig i. :P

  2. i love it when the moon shines into your bedroom!

    I thought we had it bad last week at 33C. I'd just laid on the hotel bed and tried not to move but it didn't really work. :P

    1. Yeah, it's almost as if you can feel the moons energy. :)
      Haha, ugh, I tried that too. You sweat anyway, plus - it gets a bit boring! xD

  3. That sounds beautiful with the moonlight, like something I was describing in a story! I'd like that but I have to have a thick curtain on my window to block street lamps!

    Bras are a real pain! I prefer the wireless kind, they are so much more comfortable, at least they are slowly getting easier to find. Of course they have their own problems like thick straps that sometimes show and higher at the front so harder to hide under clothes!

    1. I'm glad I live outside of a small "town". I've lived in the city several times and yeah, you really need to cover your window if you want some darkness.

      I've never tried a wireless one, maybe I should. ^^ I rather have a comfy bra than a pretty but not-so-comfy one!

  4. Bh:ar är helvete att köpa, jag undrar också varför de är så små och i olika storlek. Jag brukar köpa bh på rea och undviker att skicka efter, eftersom jag ofta blir besviken.

    1. Ja, det kan man undra. Tröttsamt.
      Jag har också börjat köpa på rea, fast online. I H&M butikerna har de inte de storlekarna jag behöver, det finns alltid bara A-kupor kvar, eller omkrets 70! Och det kvittar NÄR jag än besöker butikerna. De borde ju fatta att B och C-kupor går åt mest? *Suck*
      Har iallafall skickat efter några BH'ar på Bon Prix, för första gången, ska bli intressant!