Sunday, July 27, 2014

The prittiest thing

Found this on facebook. It's adorable. I want to hug them! <3

They have a website too, with pictures. :) -->
Bambi came to visit when he/she was just a baby, and never left the black, furry friend.

The weather continues to be a bitch. Right now here's thunder and a little rain every now and then - but it wont get colder! It just keeps getting more humid... bleh.
And in this heat I have to go to work tomorrow. The bicycle is fixed and I bought a locker today. Hurray!
Now I just need to buy the monthly card for the train... 1135 SEK less than planned. Crap.
I should'nt complain though, I managed to save some cash for next months' shopping trip. ^^
It's on, Wifey. <3 Finally.

I will try not to use all the money, because H&M got autumn vests again. Damnit!
(I ordered one online last year, but somehow it got cancelled.)
Do want. Will get!
Or maybe Ullared has a similar one. Lets hope!


  1. I love videos and pictures about cross species friendships!!! I really loved this one!

    1. Me too! It's somehow extra cute when it's X species! Like it's not meant to be, but still, it is. <3
      Aaw, I've seen that one too, on facebook. Love it! Reminds me of my friends dog.