Friday, July 11, 2014

Intense week

My whole body still hurts after last weekend. My feet are the worst. Swelling and cracked heels. Boo. :(
I blame the crazy heat we got down here... humid and disgustingly warm! Yesterday we had 28 c outside and 31 inside.
Very nice. Not.
I'm drowning in my owm sweat for christs' sake!

The moving went well! Took us about 11 hours that saturday... So. Much. Stuff.
Where did it all come from? xD
Next time we're hiring a moving company.

I will start cycling to the trainstation now on monday. It will be nice to wake up properly in the mornings... and get some exercise.
The house is perfect and very cozy! And the surroundings are great! There are actual paths in the woods for walking. <3

This was just a quit update, I'll show pics and stuff later. Have a nice weekend!


  1. The weather has been the same over here, so I know how you must feel...summer is hateful. But I'm glad the moving went well, I hope you'll like the new place when you're done unpacking! ^^

    1. Indeed! All I think about is autumn and cooler weather... I hope this summer is short.

  2. Wow, I hope you are recovering! Cracked heels, ow!

    1. Yeah, it sucks. I'm trying not to run around as much. ^^