Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New workplan & breakfast

Finally I got a hold on somebody at the office at work. I got my new plan now, starting tomorrow. What a relief. I've been hunting them for over a week and I felt really bad about being home for no reason.
But it's ok now. Phew! Anxiety-switch set to "off".

Breakfast the other day... 

Huge cup of coffee with cream. <3
Gawd, I feel healthy! The only not-so-good thing about this is all the seeds. Well yes, they're awesome for your body, filled with nutrition & all that. But, my tummy does not agree. Not yet anyway. xD

I've been into lchf and paleo for a while now. But I decided the other day that I dont have a need to follow any of them strictly. I'll just cut sugar and grains out of my diet. Think that will do a big difference in my health. I guess I'm eating both paleo & lchf. ^^
But as anything else, it might not work for me and my body, and if that's the case - I'll just change something else about what I eat! 
Diary is a big problem for many people, but I hope that I dont have to scratch that from my diet. 
I love cheese. And I can't drink coffee without cream anymore.


  1. Well, I do the same...or I should do the same because right now I'm just eating junk, pizzas and sandwiches and gingerbread on a daily basis...and I don't eat any fruits or vegetables. And I don't work out...I did gain some weight, but not that much, I guess, it's time for a short cleaning diet...:D By the way, that's something, that's always worked for me; detoxing and cleansing diets.^^

    1. Woah, that is some awesome foods - for your brain! :P
      Really? I've been thinking of doing a "cleansing" of my body now for I-dont-know-how-long. How do you do it? :D
      I was thinking of just simple meat, veggies and good fats. And lots of water!

  2. Your breakfast looks healthy and delicious! But why does healthy food never make us feel full? Sigh.

    1. It was! :)
      Sure it does! The yogurt is 10% fat and nuts and seeds are very fatty. In that cup of coffee is lots of cream (40% fat) & fat milk.
      Fat makes you very full - it's great!
      The issue is - if you are going for full fat foods, you might want to cut the sugar and grains out of your diet, or else you might gain weight.
      But as with everything else - you need to find your own balance. :)

  3. Jag fixade inte lchf, dels fuskade jag och sen vart det för mycket fett. Just nu äter jag ingen spec diet alls men funderar på att gå mer på GI o Montignac (felstavat?), det funkade för mig förut.

    1. Ja, jag fuskar hela tiden, så därför går jag inte ner i vikt, men jag går iallafall inte upp i vikt. Jag planerar att dra loss tummen efter en flytt nu snart - så att jag börjar se nån skillnad! :)
      Montignac är rättstavat - jag frågade google! :D
      Det funkar säkert bra det med! Man får prova sig fram.