Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Decor plans for my bedroom is a Swedish home decor online shop. Since I want a beige/brown colour on my bedroom walls, I'm looking for new curtains and blankets and stuff. :) I want it to be warm, cosy and autumny.
I found a very pretty series of thingies called "Huntingdale". I love it! It screams huntinglodge and autumn. ;D

I dont like the silvery thingies the curtain is hanging by, 
so I'm going to buy the fabric and make my own curtains. :) 
And maybe some pillows...

These things would obviously look better in an old cabin och a-not-too-modern-house, but you do the best you can with what you have. :)

Life in general is ok, could've been better. I've been home from work 3 days now. I feel a little crappy. Mostly in my mood, but also physically. Tummyache, headache, nausea, lightheaded. This has been going on for over a week. It's nothing I cant live with, but it's getting boring. -.-

I have decided that I will get dreads again. No matter how I wear my hair right now, it's no fun. I dont like it. I dont like the look of it. And I miss my dreads, as I've said 100 times already... But I will start with just a few ones, just to be sure. ;D

(The buying human hair extensions experience!)
...I just need to get some new human hair extensions, since these I have are not 100% human hair. Currently I'm arguing with the company about it - they refuse to take their shitty quality hair back (a-holes), so now I've contacted some firm that help with these things.   

Oh, yeah, they want me to send the hair back (without sending me my money back) so that they can test it and see if it's human hair or not... I feel like I'm getting screwed over... again.
I did a test myself btw! I took one straw of the human hair and one straw of the plastic hair, burned them with direct fire and yeah, you know the smell of burned hair? The human hair was actually human. Wow!
The other straw, one of those that refuses to absorb any haircolour what so ever - it melted and gave no scent at all. Plastic fantastic!

Maybe it's worth mentioning the company with shitty hair -
But I've read on forums that this can happen with any company, even
Maybe the companies are the ones getting fooled by their suppliers?


  1. Rapunzel of Sweden...Lol, I love the name! :D
    The case is, of course less funny, but I hope it gets sorted out soon!. ^^

    I love Nordic interior design because of how simple and clean, but - in the same time - cozy and warm it is. Our current bedroom has green walls with a blue ceiling - I know it's nuts, don't ask me who came up with it, it's just a sublet...:D -, but one day, my own home will be white and beige with autumn - ish, earth colored highlights. ^^

    1. Indeed, it's a great name! :P
      I hope so too!

      Wow, blue and green... normally it's a nice match, but maybe not for a ceiling vs. walls. ;D
      That sounds great, earth colours are in a way soothing, and match each other nicely. :)

  2. Svar: Vad bra ;) Tack, mysiga är vad jag vill att de ska vara! Haha du kommer nog få ta på ullstrumpor du också ska du se ;) Ja det blev fantastiskt gott, och det är ju gott i bröd – gör’t!

    den var väldigt stor faktiskt :D Fjärilslarv antog vi. Hm nä inte tänkt så mycket på spindlar här haha, så tror inte jag sett några stora :P

  3. I love the idea of warm brown colours. Very foresty. Like little animals hiding among the brown leaves until spring.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    1. Aaw, what a wonderful thought. Made me think of pillows I found in the store we are visiting soon - with owls, squirrels and firewood. <3

      Thank you!