Sunday, August 3, 2014

Henna once again!

I kind of missed my red hair. My hair had this awful color, bleached brownish red, with hints of grey and green. Sounds lovely, right?
I didnt even get to blonde before getting sick of it. 
I thought of dark brown, but I dont think that would've been enough for me. 
So I went back to henna! And this time I know that I cant bleach it.
I tried Herbique this time. After a lot of google'ing I found that Herbique is more red than other brands I've seen.

I'm in love with my new hair. It will match a green vest perfectly. And it will look pretty with my black and grey clothes. Yeah. I dont wear clothes anymore by the way, haha. Not at home anyway. The heat was just on its' way out when a thunderstorm hit us - now it's extremly humid & warm again.

(The American weather-gods says we will get a sunny autumn and a very, very cold winter. Fuck yeah! I mean... Awesome!) ;D


I love it! It's red, not orange. <3 
The most damaged parts of my hair need more henna of course, but overall the result is awesome!

 Then I went and mixed my Crearome Henna - I wanted to color my remy hair also.

Some parts colored with chemical dye. Wich failed - it's almost pink.

As usual Crearome's Henna is very orange. 
I took my left-over Herbique and dyed some of the hair again. 
So the top hair is Herbique's - much redder - much better!

Thank you, Herbique.

Oh, and by the way, we have this temporary, sucky internet at the moment, so I will start reading all of your lovely blogs again as soon as we get the proper internet working again. <3


  1. Wow, how amazing that you got such a beautiful effect over the bleached hair!

    I am always so tempted to henna but the development time puts me off, I can't sit around for hours with goo on my head!

    1. Yeah, I'm really happy that the color stuck to the crappy-quality hair! :D
      Aw, sure you can! You wrap your head in plastic, stick paper and cotton along the hairline and watch 2 movies. ;) It's worth it.

  2. Your hair looks awesome, such an intense red...! I didn't think it was possible to get such an intense color using henna...:P

    1. A-hole internet didnt publish my comment...? Pfft!

      Thank you! I know! I was surpriced it got so red and not orange. :) I think Herbique has some other herbs in their color that makes it so intense. They have no ingredient list & I've read on different forums that they have more than henna in it. But as long as it is natural, I'm fina with that! ^^

  3. Amfg!!!
    You have to do it on me soooooon!!
    It looks awesome honey!!!

  4. Svar: ja, flyttfirmor är dyrt! Var bor ni nu/hur långt ska ni flytta? Andreas syster + sambo kom ju och hämtade oss. Vi fick plats med hela vårt hem (en tvåa) i ett sånt där lass, vi hade storlek "stor" (finns även extra stor). Men då hade vi inget matbord, soffa, säng eller sådana stora möbler och nästan allt var i likadana flyttlådor vilket gör det lätt att pussla in i släpet. Det kostade strax under 3000:- + bensinpengar så Mycket billigare alternativ!