Friday, August 22, 2014

That was fast!

And just like that - I've made up my mind about my hair. I want it brown, or "dirty dish-blonde", my own haircolor! It depends on how far I can push it with bleach.
Since my hair went green last time I bleached, I will do bleach baths this time, plus, my hair got its' dose of awesomeness from the last time I henna'ed (3 weeks ago!) so it is in perfect shape - again.
So it's only fair to start ruining it again, right?! x)
I even thought about cutting it all off, leaving about 8 cm, because these 8 cm are perfectly healthy, and then put dreadlock extensions in it. But I've never done that before, so what if they fall off? Hmm, I'll just keep it and see what I can do about the color.

Actually, before I went red this time, I was thinking of brown.
I guess this last henna experience was just an impuls thing. As usual. But atleast my ugly-colored, gummy hair was saved!

I got a little more money this month than I expected, so I even have the cash for extensions! Yay!
But, for a person like me, maybe it's best to just wait a little longer before I go shopping for stuff I may not even use... It's not like human hair extensions are cheap. :/

This was right after I colored my hair with Lush's "caca brun". A nice brown. :) And it's very close to my own haircolor. With age comes darker hair... I was a almost white blonde when I was little.


  1. That's a nice color! :)
    Now I want brown hair too...brown with blonde streaks...! Or just black with blond streaks, I don't know...:D Probably I'll keep thinking about it for another 3 months before I change anything, though...^^

    I'd love to wear dreadlocks once, but it's kinda expensive and knowing myself I wouldn't even be able to make them and braid them into my hair decently...:/

    1. Thank u. ^^
      Ah, nice, but yes, think about it for a long time first. If you change your mind about streaks, atleast you can just dye over it.
      Yeah, it's expensive if you dont use your own hair. ;) Youtube has good vids about how to make dreads thou, it's fairly easy. Oh, and if you're not using human hair extensions, but "fake" hair, it will only be 1/10 of the price! ^^ And dreads of fake hair can look pretty damn good! :P

  2. Well, it IS your hair, do as you like! i said I wouldn't cut off and colour mine again and then I did. Looking back over pics from the past, I definitely go through cycles, cutting, dyeing, going back to my natural colour, growing it...

    1. I know! But when I mention that "I will never do this" and "always stick to that", I can't help but to feel like a split-personailty-goof when I change my mind, haha. xD Hopefully I will like a brown colour and just stop with all the dyes and stuff. ^^
      Yep, I think we all go through a sort of cycle, more or less.
      Luckily hair never stops growing!