Sunday, August 11, 2013

The Mysterious Box

The other day at the second hand store, a box arrived.
Max, who has a very vivid imagination, threw the box on my table and says:
-"Do you know what this is!?" (Very excited!)
I look at the box and answer:
-"No?... What is it?"
-"You see, there is a text here that says U.S Property. It's a box from the U.S. Military, where they transported human bodies! Tortured humans, cut into pieces to fit the box! When we opened the box outside, just now, to look inside it, there was a terrible smell ...the smell of corpses! 
You know, swedish customs dont even open boxes like these because they do not want to know what's inside them."
My reaction was OMG! That's horrible! ...but yet very interesting! But still gross... Uh, ye...
I had to take pictures of it!
Max told Åse, the store manager, the same story and she laughed so hard. :D Max goes:
"It's true! We almost had to wash the blood out of it!"

I dont know what the box was used for, but when I think about it, - there are no real locks on it.
But it's always fun to listen to Max's storys! :)

I've been taking some pics every now and then of some pretty things. :)
Old books and photoalbums from 1889 and earlier...

 Cabinets with cool engravings

Awesome leather bag :)

My mom and I stood at the entrance of the store yesterday, the first day they opened after the summervacations. - We really wanted those two cabinets we laid eyes on before the store closed in July.
People are acting like crazy when they open the doors, that's why we were there before everyone else.
If you want to get something from this store, you got to be quick! :D Haha
Posting pics of our new cabinets when we get them home. :)

Oh, and finally we got some rain and cold weather! <3


  1. I love his story! Wish I worked with someone like that! I love those old photo albums, I have never seen one in person and I want some of my own one day!

    1. Yea, he's very fun to be around! :)
      Didnt know they were that rare? I think I just got lucky with that one photo album, because those really old stuff tend to never see the outside of that "book room"... I think someone is, or knows, a collector that wants all of it to him/herself.
      Going to start an investigation on monday, because I really want the chance of buying those books/albums!

  2. Max sounds like a hoot! :D

    You got the cabinets - yay! What amazing carvings ... I can hardly wait to see them in your place. Did the purse come home with you as well, because it's pretty nice, too!

    1. Ah, the cabinets on the pics were not the cabinets we bought. :D Someone bought the ones I show you here before I could even ask for the price. I guess someone really wanted them!
      Yesh, I like that purse alot, and there are so many others that I like... but I dont use a purse or bag very often, it's so comfy without one. :P

  3. Åh mycket fina grejer på den loppisen :)
    Jag har medvetet undvikit loppisar ett bra tag nu pga att jag handlar så mycket som jag bara gillar utan att tänka på om det behövs eller inte :)

    1. Indeed, en väldig massa fina saker! ^^
      Hehe, så kan man också göra. :D Eller om man jobbar på en loppis och ser något man vill ha, så har man verkligen tid att tänka 2 eller 3 ggr om man verkligen ska köpa "den där saken" eller inte! Tur är ju det, annars hade man simmat i prylar nu. :D

  4. Åh de där skåpen är ju verkligen fantastiskt snygga! Vad trevligt att ni kunde köpa dem :D

    1. Det är inte just de skåpen vi köpte, utan andra! :D
      Jag måste nog jobba på min skrivning, haha xD
      Skåpen vi köpt är ännu snyggare ofc! :P

  5. I am so jealous of you right now; I always wanted to work in an antique store or bookshop, I love their atmosphere, their smell, everything about them! :)
    Probably I would make up stories as well, like in The Lybrarian or Relic Hunters...:D

    1. Old books smell weird, but not in a bad way. :D
      It would be awesome if this was a real job!
      Haha, ye well, every old thing has a story that probably noone will ever know... :)