Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Till next time.

This pic felt so right at the moment, so right for my mood.

Catarina, wifey, just went home. Can't wait to see her again and continue our evul (awesome) plans!
My sister got hit in the face by reality... we really are moving north soon! She got a bit paniced. But there's still time to think. ;) Me and Catta are planning on finding jobs (!), like really try, because we just want to get the hell out of here. Start over in the beautiful nature the north has to offer.

The weather is still extremely hot and humid. So gross.

My "practise"-work at the second hand store continues and on my spare time I'm going to search for jobs and study as much as I can. Need those points for future educations. :)
Got a new, black bag from Catta. Yay! Really needed a new one. Thinking of dyeing my autumn/spring-jacket black, it's army green right now, and that really suits my red hair... but black suits everything. :)
Hmm... and I need new ear-plugs/tunnels...

*Planning, planning, planning*


  1. ja let's get the fack out of here!
    hade jag kunnat hade jag packat väskan och stuckit idag.

    Vår tid kommer...snart...mycket snart! Evulvälde!!!!

  2. Hoppas att ni kan flytta snart :)

  3. Det är så spännande att ni ska flytta :D