Saturday, August 24, 2013

A friend in the dark

I was taking photographs of the moon the other night, it was bigger and more yellow than usual... and along came an orange friend! The neighbors cat. He is very cuddly. ^^

Mr. Orange.
Dont know his real name. :)

Behold the awesome "foppa"-shoes! xD
They are simple & comfy, but oh-so-ugly.

Mostly I try to avoid buildings in my photos... I dont know why, but it felt right this time with a little house showing - with the moon back there, over the tree tops.

I really have to learn this camera... or I might need a better one. I'd like to take pretty pics of the moon, it's so magical and spooky. :)

Last night I slept for almost 14 hours straight. I was tired. But I did'nt think I was that tired.
Usually I sleep 6-7 hours. And I've been extra lazy today.
I'll see if I can remove my thumb from a certain place tomorrow, and show you pictures of my findings from the second hand store. 
There are bodyparts involved...


  1. Gorgeous kitty! I love when you meet friendly cats! I love your moon photos, I hate that normal cameras are almost impossible for taking night photos despite 'night mode'. I love those night photos professional cameras can take. There are so many beautiful things at night to capture!

    1. Indeed! :) Most cats keep their distance.
      Thank u! :) yeah, those photos where you can see every detail of the moon, and the stars around it, are awesome.

  2. Wow, that's a nice tabby! ^^

    I like to experiment with the night sky as well, if I'd win the lottery, I'd surely get one of those cameras that you can leave outside for a whole night and with its hours-long exposition time, it can capture the stars moving. :)

    1. Mhm, he's very pretty! :)
      Hours-long exposition time? I didnt know there was cameras that bad-ass. :D I'd like one of those too! That would be awesome!

  3. Wasn't the moon amazing? Even over on this side of the world! My husband woke me up because it lit up the whole forest. Yeah, thanks for waking me up to see that, dear. LOL

    I can't get good pictures of the moon. Or even the sunset the other night. I too should get out the stupid manual. Haha.

    1. Haha, aaw, it was very nice to watch tho! ;)
      Ye, the sunsets tend to get not so colorful in my photos.
      You think you can learn a simple camera without a manual... apparently not. :P