Saturday, June 28, 2014

I made my own müsli :)

So I tried to make my own müsli and it went really, really well.
It was very tasty and sis took the last of if. Damn her!
I normally dont like nuts, but this... This is awesome stuff!

Very paleo, very tasty ;)
Mandlar (Almonds)
Hasselnötter (Hazelnuts)
Solrosfrön (Sunflower seeds)
Pumpafrön (Pumpkin seeds)
Kokosflingor (Coconut flakes)
Krossade linfrön (Crushed linseeds)
Sesamfrön (Sesame seeds)
Vaniljpulver (Vanilla powder)
Kokosolja (Coconutoil)

Chop almonds and hazelnuts.
Mix (squeeze) everything together with your hand, to get the oil into everything.
It's not as messy as it sounds. ^^ Put on a plate in the oven for 15-20 minutes, 175 c.
After half the time has passed - mix it again, on the plate - put it in again.
Let cool and eat.

I eat mine with natural yogurt. Sometimes with a sliced banana.

Bought a pretty jar for this purpose! :)

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Natural deodorant

I think it has been over 3 weeks now since I last used a "normal" deodorant.
I've been using Urtekram's Nordic Birch deodorant and in the beginning it did not work on me at all.
I've been smelling pretty damn bad from time to time, lol.
But now it's over. :) Some days I only use coconut oil & lemon juice, a mix I made.
At the end of the day, (just doing nothing), I dont smell bad at all. But not super-nice either - if I smell my armpit directly. xD
It is something that will get way better when I start eating right.
( I'm in a period where life sucks and when I feel bad - I eat everything I can get my hands on.
Awesome, I know. )

My friends :)

This one is a "crystal" deo, made from 100% mineral salts.
All natural and is said to work wonder.

The SUPER annoying thoughts and dreams of my freaking hair continues. Today, when I had just woke up, I was sure I did not want black hair again, but my true natural color. 
(I think I even dreamed about my hair... Sigh.)
Then it did not take long until I craved for long, black hair again! Or dark, dark red!
And now, a few hours later, I'm positive I DO want my dark blond hair. And to just stop colouring it.
I even thought about henna'ing it to a lighter brownish colour, so that it gains strenght again and so that I get an even color. 


And of course, I want it done right now!

Well, off to TV and "The Dead Files", season 5 already! :D
Boo, I'm soon out of episodes!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

All these thoughts about hair... making me tired. I mean, I love doing stuff to my hair and drooling over pretty hairs on Tumblr, but I have no freaking idea how I want my hair!

Right now - in this very moment - I want looong, wavy hair.
Color? Any.
Well, not blonde. I got sick of that before I even got to that point...
Brown, black, red. 

Dreads? No. Not when I think of sleeping and showering.
I am a very comfortable person and everything needs to be, well, comfy.
How dreads look? Yes, please!
But, I'm starting to think that dreads are not "girly" enough for me. I have no idea how else to describe it. And I'm not even girly. :/

Catta was here for a quick visit. We did her hair and she is now a redhead. <3 Screaming red, like Ariel.
I love red hair too. But do I want it? *Sigh*

I thought of red hair with black tips, almost like an ombre.
Then I thought of black hair with red tips.

Oh, and as you can tell the darkness is moving in on me again.
I dont know if I'm having a f-cked up period or if I'm feeling Autumn already?
Or is it that black will always be a part of me?

I'm thinking of my eye color also. I have brown eyes. Warm hair colors make them more red-ish brown. Cool/cold colors make them more green-ish brown. So it's leaning more towards black than red. Oh and the skintone! I have pink/cool skin, so according to ze internet, I look better in cool/cold hair colors.

Gah! Why do hair color exist!?

Drooling objects.

Braids in shiny black hair...

All from tumblr.

Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm a geek

I just read Lynoire's post: Being a geek . I like it. :)

I'm a computer geek.

I'm a nature geek.
(I want to live in the middle of the woods, near a lake. I want to hunt & grow vegetables.)

I'm a dog geek.
(My dogs are my babies, they're a huge part of my life!)

I'm a movie & series geek.

I'm a History Channel geek. 
(Mummies, Vikings, UFO's! <3)

I'm a World of Warcraft geek.
(I love to gear my Draenei's & Night Elves!)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Insane thunderstorms!

This weather is extreme! I've never experienced anything like it. But I'll live, I love thunder! :D

Ops, when I sit here listening... I might have to unplug the computer again, another thunder storm is moving in... Update: Ok, so I turned off the computer and now on again, lol, I hope it's over now because the dogs are scared, specially little Smulan. :(

Felix couldn't care less. He just came to join the "cuddle-party" in the bed. For poor Smulan this worked as a safety-bunker!
It became too crowded for Bella, so she left. xD

It's coming this way. 
It doesn't look that bad, but it sure was...

The result of the first hail. Normal sized hails.
The second hail-storm-balls was probably 1-2 cm in diameter!!! 
I thought the windows would break.

Now, finally, it looks like it's over... Eh, no, stratch that. The insane rain started again...

Oh, and I found this website that shows weather warning.
We live at the black spot that I painted in paint. :P

 We lost the power several times too, but it came back quickly again.

Camilla and mom are stuck in traffic. In the buss. The trains are not running, so yeah. They are calling a friend right now to see if she can help pick them up.
It sucks big time to not have a car!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Series: The Dead Files

I found this paranormal series about 1-2 weeks ago and I'm stuck. Even mom likes it.
It's a (former) detective and a medium, that investigates peoples' houses/buildings.
The medium Amy, is the master of weird faces, but you'll get use to it. ;D
She's awesome. I really like her.

It's a scary series. There's so much more than just "ghosts" out there...

Catta and I were watching this last weekend. Along came an episode involving dolls. DOLLS of all evul things! We immediately picked another episode to watch that night... We were alone in a big house.
Did you know that dolls were originally made for souls of the dead? Because they're empty inside. So, often dolls attract entities, not from this world. 

I knew it! I knew that there was a reason dolls always scared me!

If you like the paranormal - watch it. There are 3 whole seasons to watch and a 4th is running atm. ;)

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Split Personality

I just got hiccup from drinking coffee. Eh? 

Anywho. I was searching google for hair inspiration and found my own pictures, leading me here. 
I like my blog. I dont think I like my other (new) blog as much... but it's summer-y and I think that is why I needed it.
And in a weird way, I miss writing in english. 

Split personality?

I'm on vaccation now. Doing absolutely nothing. I just spent a long weeked with my darling Catta <3
It was really nice getting away from everything!

About that google search. I dont know what to do with my hair!
I love dreadlocks, they're awesome in so many ways.
But I also love my hair just as plain... hair. It's so soft and wavy. And nice to sleep on(!)
It's just a bit ruined now with that evil bleach and indigo residues. x)

What to do, what to do...
(Pics from My Pinterest)

...and the hiccup continues...