Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A movie to long for

I just found this on, an interesting movie to long for... gief now! On cinemas August 2013. Just a couple of months :P 

GIEF MORE GOOD MOVIES! Supernatural and mysterious stuff! Plain action is just so... boring nowadays. I like ghosts, demons, possesions, trolls, fairies and mythical beeings. And aliens! Aliens are very important! (I love the show "Ancient Aliens"... it's theories I've come to believe in. Check it out!)

THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS: City of Bones (Badass name!)

Wants, wants, wants!

Oh, and this one too! Probably many more upcoming, good movies out there, but these 2 I'd like to see now :)

(from Stephenie Meyer, author of the Twilight Saga)


  1. I am dying to see The Mortal Instruments! I really enjoyed the series. Plus, if it is successful, hopefully they will make the steampunk prequels!!!

    1. It's from a series? Totally missed that :O I just saw the trailer and thought "wow" :D
      Have to dig deeper into that! Thanks :D Hehe

  2. The Mortal Instruments ser spännande ut! jag är så pepp inför massa filmer som ska komma ut nästa år :D

    1. Indeed! Me 2! Massa nya sci-fi och äventyr *LIKES*