Tuesday, November 27, 2012

My first henna story!

Aaah, newly showered *sniff myself* :P

(This post should actually be called "From black -> to red henna -> to blonde -> to dreads!")

So, about a year ago, I decided that I wanted to be a redhead (again!), but this time with henna! 

Henna is really good for your hair and scalp, the hair feels thicker and gets very shiny after use :)
I used Lush's henna cake "Caca Rouge". This contains real henna (no chemical stuff!) But, also other natural stuff wich is good for your hair, tho this stuff can make the henna not stick to your hair as good as a mix of henna only.
Next time I'm going to get henna powder and mix it myself. When mixing it yourself you can add different things in the mix to make the color come out in different shades :) There is a long list of these things, just ask google. For example, you can add coffee to make it more brown.
I want my henna to get as red as possible, so I'm going to add red wine, paprika-powder and lemon juice into my mix!

To my poor hair. I bleached it from black to... orange-yellow-brown! :D This is after one bleach only, pretty good! Used Mood's ofc.

THE GOO! (Also know as the henna-mix)

The cleaning up was as fun as it looks!
I noticed now that this looks like poo, but BEHOLD, it's just henna! xD

I decided it was light enough, so this is after the henna!
As you can see, henna is "see-through"! So try put your henna on an even-colored-hair, not with growth and dark spots as I did xD 
I did not know this before.

Not very red, the henna did'nt really stick to my hair. I did'nt follow the description from Lush + what I said before.

Henna can make your hair less curly and frissy.

Then I decided I wanted blonde dreadlocks *sigh* I started to bleach...

After 5 bleaches, I shoud be lucky my hair did'nt fall off! I can only bleach this many times with Mood <3 ...not other brands. And this is how light it got, it was the same color after bleach no. 4 and 5. 

They say that Henna can not be bleached away, but in some cases it can. Apparently it workes on my hair.

Then to the dreadlocks, if anyone is interested :)
The look of wearing big earplugs, hoodie and dreaded hair suddenly became an obsession. I still love stretched ears and dreads tho, but that's not just me - it always comes back to black :)

So I did some reading and watched some vids on youtube... and started!
Backcombing and "fixing", using a comb and a crochet hook.

Actually some experienced girl was suppose to do them for me, would have costed me about 3000 SEK (atleast 400 dollars). So to do them myself was a good choice :D *pat myself*

After 4 days I was done! I know, I looks awfull, haha, but i only looks like this in the beginning.

3 weeks - Still fluffy.

3 months, including a week of Crete = alot of salty water, wich is good for dreads :)

Then, when my dreadies were 7 months old, I wanted to dye them red! 
I chose I dark red color, wich apparently is bad for blonde hair. Bleached/blonde hair has no red pigments in it, so my red color came out brownish-purple! *puke*

On these pics the color was also washed out.
So when my dreadlocks finally looked great and was done shrinking in length, i decided that I missed my long and shiny hair... 

I brushed them out! That took alot of work and the life of two combs :P

This is one dread just combed out. Frizzy and nice!

My fingers and neck were hurting so it took me 7 days to comb out.

How my scull looks today you all know ...washed-out black :( *growls*


  1. Men guuuuud vad fint typ av hår du har! Så lockigt! <3 jag är avundsjuk! xD

    Jag vågar inte ens bleka mitt hår, jag använder alltid avfärgning, jag är rädd att håret ska ramla av efter folks skräckhistorier. :'D

  2. Tack! :D Ja, nu såhär efterhand så undrar man hur f*n man kunde förstöra håret med dreads?! :P Well well, det växer ut igen!

    Är håret i bra skick ska man inte vara rädd för EN blekning :) ja, där finns många skräckhistorier där ute, men man kan ju undre hur folk lyckas för att tappa håret, egentligen? xD
    Men jag ska göra som du och testa avfärgning nästa gång, för efter allt detta är mitt hår inte i toppform :D