Friday, November 9, 2012

A new start... World of Warcraft :D
My first character 8 years ago was a Night Elf Hunter, today Im going for a new one, just because Im bored and I love the new Transmogging, you can make your character look much more personal.

8 years of a computer game is alot. But first few years I had a BF who was a gaming-nerd, then I got stuck - WoW was SO much fun. Then, I have'nt had a real job for a long time + I've been studying from time to time = alot of spare time. From time to time I get really sick of the game and have weeks of pause, I will probably stop playing eventually, like when I start my education in the end of this month! Im going to try out welding, mhm! :)

It's time for a Draenei <3
I have a Human Hunter too, but they look a bit boring. Mystical creatures ftw!

Pics coming up later, my brain is'nt really working yet. I got up to go buy breakfast, but the buses here doesnt go as often as I want them too. I really need a driverslicense! ...And a car!

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