Wednesday, November 28, 2012

She Wolf

I just have to show you this video, if you have'nt already checked it out at Lesthi's!
Wildlings, beautiful wolf and dogs, nature, and then the wolf goes redhead with freckles <3 Can it be more perfect? Actually... I did'nt like the blood, my first thought was "NO! POOR WOLFIE! :("
But (!) What would it be without the blood? 
Oh and the song is pretty good too :D I like some of Guetta's songs ^^ but this is the best so far.


Was out shopping foods for Xmas today! And candy- and baking-stuffs! I love baking and making my own candy :) Om noms! A gingerbread-candy-house is going to be built, just probably not gettign eaten, cus by the time that we will tear it down, it will probably be dusty and gross-ish... and full of cat hair.
Yes, Im pretty sure it will be appealing to Felix the cat... to scratch it and to brush up against it. I mean, why use the scratchingboard?


  1. I haven't made a gingerbread house in so long - not since the kids were little - will you post a picture, please? What kind of candy are you making? :o)

    1. Ah :) Yes, ofc! We decided to wait a few weeks to make it tho, because my sister wants to eat the house after christmas, without it beeing tough and stuff :D

      We're making chocolate toffee, Rocky Road and marsipan with nougat :) Pics of it all coming up closer to Xmas!
      A diet will be needed after christmas and new years eve, haha

      So if no gingerbread house, are u planning on making any candy yourself? :)

    2. My husband always enjoys peanut brittle at Christmas (oh let's be honest here, I eat my fair share!), so I will make that. And then there is a chocolate caramel candy/cookie thing I make that I could consume single-handedly. So yes, a diet will definitely be in order in the New Year ... Pffft. :o)

  2. Eller hur, jag fick rysningar när jag såg videon första gången! :D

    Åh jag vill också göra pepparkakshus! Mina katter brukar vara och tugga lite på hörnen hela december, haha.

    1. Me 2! :D

      Haha, då vet jag vad vi kanske har att vänta, ett halvt uppätet hus :P Det hade ju inte förvånat, Felix gillar torra nudlar och sockerkaka, så varför inte pepparkaka!