Thursday, November 8, 2012

New stuff is ...evul!

Not very active at the moment but that will change shortly :)

I have an issue! When I check other blog's followers, I can view their profile and their blogs/links etc. So I tried to click myself, there I find a link to my "old" blog, but not this blog!? And when I check my "showing blogs" under settings, it says that THIS blog is shown, not the old one... Wth? 

Also I changed to Google Chrome the other day, it actually works faster than Internet Explorer, but I just hate new stuff like this, so much to learn. And even tho Chrome IS better, I miss Explorer - because I know how it works, inside and out! *Slap myself*


  1. Google Chrome is the best shit everrr! Du blir nog van snart ska du se :D

    Men angående ditt problem har jag ingen aning :O för jag hittade ju hit via din profil så för mig funkade det!? O.o

    1. Indeed, man ska bara lära sig! :D
      Jo, jag letade och hittade hur jag skulle göra! Ibland hjälper det att ta tummen ur *****! xD Oftast är min stubin väldigt kort och om det inte går som jag vill så skiter jag i det :P