Monday, November 5, 2012

New shiny stuff!

Allright then, new blog, new language! 
I found all these blogs on Lesthi's blog + on the internets, wich really interests me, and they are all english-speaking. So, if anyone would ever read MY blog, its on english :)
I have some blogs to follow now and more will come, I think my "favorite links" in google chrome will be too many to fit soon :D

Also Im new to Blogger/Blogspot, feels weird after using for so long, but that domain is full of bugs and crap nowadays, so I left. Rest in peace,

I might need some help later on Lesthi, bare with me! :D

YAY! New blog! xD *pats computer screen*


  1. Yay, klart jag hjälper dig :D Säg bara till!

  2. Awesome! :) Ligger lite på is ...redan, men will fix later! :)