Sunday, November 25, 2012

It's fading...

...again :(
My black hair is getting brownish at some spots allready. I thought MOOD's color would really last on my hair since it was such a big diffrence from other colors, but no.
I've only washed it 4-5 times since I colored it. 
I guess my hair is'nt made for coloring! But it has such a boring and ugly color, dark blond/grey-ish... ugh, DO NOT WANT!

I talked about dying my hair with Henna (red) again... and maybe Indigo (black) too. But I have another issue now... red och black? xD God. If I have black, I want red. If I have red, I want black! *bangs head on table*

I know one thing for sure, I'm going to let my hair grow out to be looong! Only cutting the tips along the way :)

What to do, what to do... Tho it's a question about money now anyway, I just have to wait a while before I can get new color. I guess I will stare at Amy Lee and this unknown redhead several months before making up my mind, but right now Im leaning to red... 
PLUS! Henna does'nt fade, and neither does Indigo. Gotta lova mother nature! :D

Gah! I love this pic! Red hair meets green woods <3
This length of hair is perfect. Do want.


  1. It can be harder to keep black in, I think it often has less or no bleach in it, which means it lies on the hair instead of ripping the colour out and replacing it like bleach. Or something like that. When I put black over my bleached hair once, it faded back to dirty yellow in a couple of weeks.

    I was looking into henna recently. Here's some stuff I read.
    1. if you dye with henna over pre-dyed hair you can't be sure what colour it will come out. a strand test first might help.

    2. if the colour is too orangey, you can apparently redye it several times until it goes more red. the more dyes equals the more red. but the colour takes a few days to come out fully in your hair anyway.

    3. You can really never get it out. Like never, so you have to decide for sure which colour you want.

    4. Henna from certain countries and different genus of plants are apparently different shades of red.

    It is apparently good for your hair and makes it stronger, which is a plus.

    If you do it, let me know about your experiences. I am thinking of doing it myself but I am not sure if I will because I don't know if I could settle to have red hair for good, and I am trying to grow it, hence I don't want to have to let it grow out and cut it off if it does not turn out right.

    1. I've read ALOT about henna and this info is correct :)
      There are some different opinions about dying with henna over chemical colors tho,

      * It CAN turn green, but in my case it worked just fine :) You have to make sure you got real henna and not henna with chemicals in it, thats probably why some people turn out with greenish hair.

      * You can bleach henna'd hair, but it's a pain in the *** xD It's really hard to get out! If you bleach it several times (like I did) it just stops getting lighter at some point.

      So, yes, be sure you want dark hair before henna'ing it. After you have henna in your hair you can get every other color that is darker tho, by using more henna and other herbs.

      I have pics on my henna journey, I'll post them later today :)
      And when I use henna again, I will make a big post about it! :D

  2. Åh vad drygt :( jag har flera vänner som också har det där problemet, deras hår blir brunt bara någon vecka efter att de färgat svart! Helt galet. Jag får typ aldrig ur det svarta när jag en gång färgat.

    Men Henna kanske funkar bättre då!? Har aldrig provat det själv.

    Den där röda på bilden är verkligen galet fin!

    1. ja, det är så störigt! :/ Det måste vara som med röd hårfärg, det fäster helt enkelt inte så bra.
      Människor har ju färgat hår sedan tidens början, man tycker de borde ha kommit fram till något som verkligen sitter fast på skallen! Haha :P

      Henna funkar jättebra, men det är en stort projekt och man måste hitta en butik som säljer riktig henna etc.
      Så fort jag har råd så sätter jag igång med henna igen! :)

  3. I've never tried it so I don't know how well it works, but I've heard that if you mix a bit of leftover dye with your conditioner it will help the color last longer (because you are adding more back in as you wash it). I keep thinking about dying my hair dark brown or black, but I haven't decided yet . . . I'm afraid it will look bad or something haha.

    1. At the hairdresser you can buy colored conditioner, so that might be true :)
      No, I think you will look great in darker hair ^^ the only "problem" is the re-coloring of growth, and in some cases, re-coloring the whole hair if the color does'nt last. But if your up for all of that, go for it!

  4. Skoja min dojja...Mitt hår tappar den svarta färgen på vissa ställen. Börjar bli måttligt trött på det.
    Satt i samma sits för någon vecka sedan som du gör nu..valet mellan rött eller svart.
    Det tråkiga med rött är att det tappar VÄLDIGT lätt färgen och lystern.
    Sen är jag en sucker för långt svart hår. *ler stort som fan*
    Men sitter Henna stenhårt på skallen?
    jag funderade på det med det svarta men känner lite att går det inte att hrmm bleka bort när man får en ny knäppblond längtan...

    1. Jag vet :/ Därför tänker jag använda Henna, orkar inte lägga ut pengar på eller arbeta med kemiska färger längre. Eller ja, NU gör jag, för att jag ville slippa mitt tiger-randiga-slitna-rosa-blonda-hår, men när plånboken går upp lite i vikt :D så blir det Henna!
      Henna tvättas inte ur alls. Det ända som kan ändra hennafärgen är om du färgar över den eller att den blir liiite mörkare med tiden, men då snackar vi flera års tid. Och då har man ju hunnit färga över med mer färg = bara ännu rödare :)
      Henna går ju att bleka bort i VISSA FALL, men Indigo vet jag inte om det går att bleka... det är ju en blå färg som man sätter ovanpå Henna (=svart), så jag skulle tro att det inte går att bleka bort :D

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  6. Hello there :)

    I'm in the same boat, my hair is also naturally a boring and ugly color, dark blond/grey-ish. It used to be much much lighter.

    And I also have red in mind :3 But not a ginger or red-red, or a crazy mcDonalds red. I want 'that' red you have in the pic beneath Amy Lee.

    How did it go with the henna, and did you go black or red?

    I've been trying to find more case articles on people who go from grey-blond to red/dark-red using henna, but can't find any.

    I'm really hesitant about trying it, since the last time I went for a cherry/chocolate brown color, it became orange/ginger in weeks. Horrible time.

    Kind regards,

    1. Ello!

      I did go red, but after bleaching the black away, wich gave me a orange tone. I was going red so that didnt matter tho.
      But the henna did not work well on my hair... I think it was too light or too dry. I have the results here on the blog in pics.
      I think you need to put henna on your natural hair color or a similar one, to get it "red" and not orange. Also, there are other herbs to mix into the henna to get it more dark or auburn. And you need several applications... There is a whole world of henna out there.
      Google helped me alot! ^^