Sunday, April 27, 2014

...and here we go again - again!

Dukan, dreads, shopping.

I followed the diet for a while last time... for the second time. But then it went down hill. Now I'm starting again - with my sister! (Third time's a charm?) This way we can kick each other's butts. ;)
It's summer outside - 20 c - so there's no real appetite, and we just got money, so it's perfect timing.
Yeah, the weather is lovely, but it's still april, no one knows how long this will last... 

I bought new shiny plugs for my earlobes the other day, I'll show them as soon as they arrive in the mail. :)
And tonight I'll be searching for human hair extensions online - for dreads! Yay!
Oh, and some more bleach. We got to buy bleach! 

Money says; *Poof* *Gone*.


  1. Jag har köpt en blekning till.
    Men blir det inte bra nu så skriker jag....
    Visa dina öron....måste se för fan....typ nu...jag....må!

    1. Haha, det måste ju bli bra nu.. det är ju så ljust redan!
      Jag har ju inte fått hem pluggarna än! Boo!

  2. Your hair adventure...^^
    I'm also thinking about changing my hair, I got kinda bored of red, the color itself and the fact, that it's so high maintenance...but I'm still doubting if I should give it another shot or go straight back to black...:/

    1. ;D
      Yeah, red hair needs alot of care. Maybe try a darker red before going black? Just a thought since black is a pain in the butt to remove, if you should change your mind later. ^^ Not that red is any easier to remove... oh well!

    2. This red that I'm currently wearing is already darker and a little cooler, than the previous one, but this is about the darked shade of red that I like. Wine and burgundy look very pretty on some people, but I simply don't like border - land colors like those on myself. The same goes for lighter reds - darker blonds as well. :)
      Besides, I miss black. I have to admit, that I've been missing black ever since I've gone red...:P