Monday, April 7, 2014

The Dukan Diet

And once again I needed a change!

I started LCHF some time ago - then quit - the started again - and so on and on...

I dont like the food food of LCHF. Too much of proper meals make me want to puke at it. I craved for sugar and carbs... Sweet, sweet carbs. And then there was all the fat. No thanks. I know I wont be able to continue with that now that the summer is on its' way... I need lighter food.

I searched online (where else?) for other diets and found the Dukan diet. First I thought it was a bad name for a crappy diet - "dukan", or "du kan", on swedish means "you can". But it was a french name. ^^ Dr Pierre Dukan.

Anywho -
I will start writing here about how it goes, what I eat, report weightloss etc. 
When the time feels right, I will start showing pictures of myself. I love to see other peoples progress in weightloss, it's very inspiring!

Dukan has 4 phases you have to go through. Today I started the first phase - the Attack Phase. I want to loose more than 20 kilos, so I have to continue this phase 7-10 days.
In this phase I only eat proteins and drink tons of water.

It's all a bit confusing if you have no idea what I'm talking about, so if you're interested - ask google. :)
Here's two links:
English -
Swedish -

Last night I had "my last meal" ;D
Yum yum

And this was my breakfast today:
About 70 grams of tuna & one boiled egg. 0.5 liters of water.
Ofcourse, after I almost ate it all I thought of taking a pic! ;)

I think this diet will be alot easier for me to follow, because of the phases, you only have to eat "this & that" for a time - then change it a little.
In the last phase, wich lasts troughout life, you will eat normal food. Again - you have to read about it to really understand it. :)


  1. The most annoying thing, that makes diets unfollowable is that you're stuck with the same meals for weeks and these meals usually require you to spend more time in the kitchen than you ilke or can squeeze in after work/school/whatever...I absolutely don't feel the need to eat proper meals every single day, I prefer to throw something easy together, like tuna with eggs...or a quick salad. Or a sandwich. I know it's not even close to healthy, but I can't help myself...:P

    I hope thid diet will work out for you, I'm looking forward to see your progress and reviews. ^^

    1. Haha, yeah, I know what you mean! That was the thing with "lchf", I cooked dinner all the time and had to prepare food for the following days etc. *Sigh*
      I like it quick, but still nice - as you said. ^^
      I love sandwiches! And I will be eating them again one day, that's the beauty of this diet! :D

      I have high hopes and I really think it will work wonders... maybe I'm too optimistic? Haha ;D