Monday, April 7, 2014

Attack Phase - Day 1 (Attackfasen - dag 1)

I overslept this morning and missed the bus - and the next bus departs 5 hours later. Awesome, isn' it?
Not really. But I got a free day and I went shopping foods. Dukan-friendly foods. :)

* Tuna
* 1 boiled egg
* 0,5 liters of water

* Tiny peace of chicken
* Very little yogurt
* Half a cup of coffee
* 0,5 liters of water

* Tuna with 1,5 tablespoons of bran (havrekli)
* A little more water

* Grilled chicken
* Quark/Cottage cheese
* A little more water

* Yogurt
* Linseed (flaxseed?) - Some words are just weird to translate! ;)
* 0,5 liters of water
* 1 cup of coffee

I feel fine. It went fine. I dont feel hungry. Success!
I pee alot. Alot. I got a pretty bad headache before, but I get that alot, so I have no idea if it was the change of diet or not. Maybe I should drink even more water... But what if I explode? It's alot of water already! :P

I have'nt decided yet if I'm going for 7 or 10 days... I guess I would need 10 days with all the weight I want to loose. Anywho! When I reach the last day of this phase, I will report my start-weight and current weight.

It's nice that the food fits on small plates ;D


  1. I'm starving just reading it! Good thing it's only for ten days ... :D

    1. Haha, it's not as bad as it sounds actually. :D When you only eat proteins, you dont have much of an appetite.
      But I have to admit that I threw myself at the fridge last night, luckily there was an egg, right there, ready to be eaten! Lol :P