Friday, April 11, 2014

Attack Phase - Day 4 and 5

Hello pritties!

Yesterday - Day 4
It was all good! I ate the stuff I use to and all went well. ^^
Except for the evening - I just had to take a few slices of cheese (28% fat, oops)!
Nothing to cry about really.

Today - Day 5
Today has gone not too well... I craved cheese. Again. So I decided to take 2 sandwiches for breakfast... big mistake. Tummyache! My tummy turned on me and all hell broke loose. Luckily in the toilet! Haha, sorry for the info!
My tummy has been supergood these past days and yesterday I did a perfectly fine no. 2. :P LoL

Apparantly I cant eat bread anymore. Is this the reason I've been having issues with my tummy before maybe? I'm glad this happened tho, because now I dont have to cry for sandwiches no more. :D

The reason I decided to cheat was that I have been craving chocolate and fudge all week, and I was going to allow myself to eat that today - So, "might aswell go for a sandwich or two!".

I will continue my diet, ofcourse. ^^ Maybe I will have to start over on sunday... We'll see how things goes and how I feel.

on this morning - Day 5,
I measured my body and I've lost several centimeters all over. Yay! :) 
Waist: -3 cm
Under boobs: -4 cm
And then a few other centimeters every here and there!  
I even use the thingy to weigh myself, even if it's retarded. It said: -3 kg (total, since monday)


Even more awesome since me, sis and Catta are going to Ullared soonish! A huuuge store with everything you want and need! And everything is supercheap! ;D


  1. Det här låter riktigt intressant! Ska nog läsa på lite, spännande att se hur det går för dig också! Hejar på!

    1. Tack :D
      Japp, bästa dieten jag provat, även om det är lite enformigt så blir man inte direkt trött på det man äter, så det är skönt!

  2. Håller tummar och tår för dig :)

  3. Jag tycker du är så duktig :D

    Åh Ullared är ju bara episkt, jag vill åka dit igen.