Sunday, April 13, 2014

Series: Justified

I love this series. And I Love Timothy Olyphant, with his weird name. Eye candy as someone called it. ;)
It's not just any cop-series, it's hillbillys. xD And there is always something happening, not a single boring second goes by. And there's humor! Try it!
I just started season four. :)

Into song, Justified

This music is a mix of rap and bluegrass - totally awesome!
(Yeah, I just learned that)
I never liked rap until now...


  1. I imdb'd it and I was sold on the poster...I love old school western style stuff, the first three episodes are already downloading. :D

    1. Awesome! "Raylan" is the only one western tho ;D It's a weird mix really, but there's nothing not to like. ^^ And there's banjos!