Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Attack Phase - Day 3 (Attackfasen - Dag 3)

So... tired... must... sleep... Zzzz.
After I've thrown myself in the shower. 
I hate taking showers, it's incredibly boring! Except in the summer heat, then it's ok!

* Tuna
* Cottage Cheese
* 1 boiled egg
* Water
* Tiny amount of coffee (I think that was it for me. Coffee is just plain disgusting without cream & fatty milk! So, no more coffee... unless I find myself dying of a horrible headache.)

* Turkey
* Cottage Cheese
* Water

* Yogurt
* Quark (Kvarg)
* Linseeds (Linfrö)
* Cinnamon

* Chicken
* Tzatziki (Yogurt, quark, garlic etc.)
* Water

* Meatballs! (The kind you boil... Frikadeller in swedish)
* Water

I think I cheated a little tho, because of the pig-meat used for the meatballs.
Oh well, we'll just see after these 10 days what has happened!
This morning I found out that out "thingy" that you check you weight on - is broken. Or f****d up somehow! Because it said PLUS 1,5 kg this morning. Maybe it all has to do with the fluids in your body?
Luckily I measured my whole body before I started, so I can check that instead. 


  1. Så jag var tvungen att läsa på om Dukan dieten för att förstå vad du pysslade med ;)
    Den låter vettig. Jag gillar upplägget med den andra fasen, som GI fast helt utan kolisar. Kämpa på nu <3

    1. Hehe, ja man förstår vad det hela går ut på om man läser lite om det. ^^
      Tyckte jag med, så därför slängde jag mig på det!
      I will! ;)

  2. I've read all the menus you posted and they seems quite nice. :)
    Well, fluids - and some other things you can'tcontrol - can easily make 1 or 2 kilos of difference, don't be bummed by it.

    1. I like the food too. Or I did, the first 3 days. Today I had no idea what to eat. :P Luckily I can start adding veggies in six days...
      Yeah, I figured, but still it came like a slap in the face, because I was so happy about those -2 kg's! xD